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Margrit Schafer is on her 100th birthday

Margrit Schafer (100) spent her entire life in the Ueberstorf FR community, became involved with clubs and visited the church. Her 100th birthday should also have been a big celebration for the community – but nobody congratulated.

When the first cars were rattled by Ueberstorf FR in 1920, Margrit Schafer celebrated her first birthday. When an Allied plane threw a damaged bomb over the village in 1943, she was extremely pregnant. When the community organizes a multi-day festival for the Alpabzug in 1987, it swings the dance leg. But when the Schafers family invites you to the older woman's 100th birthday on April 7, 2019, nobody looks past. Neither church representatives, nor the community, nor the canton. "They all let me sit down," says anniversary woman LOOK.

At the cross table of her farm on the outskirts of Ueberstorf, the older woman browses through the family album. She triggers her wedding photo: a young couple smiles into the camera, both dressed in black. Schafer recalls: "At that time you were so strictly a Catholic that I was not allowed to wear white for the wedding because I was pregnant."

Always integrated in community life

In 1943, Schafer marries her school friend Pius († 80) in the village church, a local farmer's boy. Shortly thereafter, she gives birth to daughter Margot. The times are difficult, the family is poor. Nevertheless, Schafer actively participates in community life, he is involved in the mother's association. Her husband acts as a church council for eight years. The greenery, nature, the neighbors: their house, their house. The older woman never wanted to leave. Her daughter Margot (74) and granddaughter Béatrice (37) also stayed in the village.

The photos & # 39; s on Schafer's album show the family throughout all generations. 100 years shared by Ueberstorf with its oldest and most loyal resident. 100 years, not even worth a happy birthday.

Do you know a similar case?

Dear community, Have you already forgotten a large or even a birthday in your circle of acquaintances? Or do you know a similar example in which nobody was really interested in an older person's birthday? Tell us your story in the comments column or by e-mail to community@blick.ch.

Celebration extra laid in large restaurant

Her family does not want to celebrate her birthday as usual at home, but in the Schlössli restaurant in the village. Finally, many visitors are expected. But even before the big day, the first refusal flutters into the house: the Freiburg State Council, which traditionally visits every citizen of the canton on the 100th birthday. He can't be there because the party is on a Sunday. "He just said he could come on Monday," says daughter Margot.

The family turns to the community writer and tells her about the cancellation. "I was sure they would send someone," the daughter said.

Cancellation follows cancellation

Only when the hours pass at the inn does the birthday child realize that it has been forgotten. Even the restaurant's landlady, CVP National Councilor Christine Bulliard-Marbach (59), sends greetings. The politician was church president for years. "Maybe they thought I was no longer alive," Schafer says sadly.

Her daughter, grandson and great-grandson give her strength on that birthday. "They also gave me such a nice party," she says. Even if the parish, the national councilor and the church have not heard from each other to this day.

Schafer folds the leather album. "I have always lived under the motto, leaving behind the bad things."


Dear readers. Margrit Schafer can never forget her 100th birthday. Blick wants to surprise the older woman. Help us and send your congratulations! Schafer is a passionate Yasserin, loves flowers, the "Sturm der Liebe" show and enjoys spending her time outdoors in nature. Your address is: Margrit Schafer, Hermisbüel 15, 3182 Ueberstorf FR.

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