My Time at Portia: Crafting trailer: collecting materials and making things

Team17 and Pathea Games show the crafting system of the sandbox RPG in the following My Time trailer at Portia. You can see how raw materials are collected and then make all sorts of things on the workbench. In addition to crafting, La Crossing, Harvest Moon and Cloud Cloud 2 can grow crops, breed animals, make friends and discover secrets in the game world. My Time at Portia is currently in the early access phase on the PC and will appear "fast" for PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

In the beginning it can happen that one feels overwhelmed when collecting and processing building plans and materials. Here one is ultimately taken less by hand than the competition. After one or two hours Jan wrote in his preview in April a motivating rhythm of material acquisition and trips to dealers or to the mine, in which jetpack and scanner are armed with useful objects from the old high culture.

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