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New BMW M3: render with a giant grill

The upcoming BMW M3 is expected to be the fastest so far. Called a Russian car website kolesa.ru made the new car. The chosen artist for the task seems to think that BMW is also on the monstrous kidney grill on the new M3. Although we sincerely hope they are wrong, there is perhaps something to guess, especially given the huge grille of the new 7 series and X7.

On the displays, the grill extends far below the usual area and extends to the area that is normally reserved for the lower grid. In fact, it seems that the middle opening of the lower bumper has been completely taken over by the kidney gratings and is simply halved.

With this design you should actually mount your front license plate almost in the middle of the grille or sideways. Only: the total package does not really look harmonious. Realistically, we have a relationship with the normal 3-series M Sport version sedan. The M3 would deviate from this due to a completely black grill. But that is not certain, because the former M3 prototypes, especially at the front, are still heavily camouflaged.

Unless this area would be characterized by a lot of barbecue. The kidneys of the new BMW & # 39; s seem to get bigger with every new model. Although the 3-series is much smaller than the 7-series, nothing would surprise us at the moment. Perhaps the grille of the new M3 is even thicker.

This reproduction is also loud kolesa.ru not just a joke or some sort of wild fantasy. The new M3 will differ considerably from the current 3 series. Insiders have stated that the new M3 has a much larger grille with large, vertical nostrils, almost no different than a pair of Alfa Romeo grills side by side – or an Audi grille in two parts.

Some of us miss the days when the styling of BMW was reserved and quiet. Of course we wait and see what the completed car looks like before we make our final judgment. However, if the M3 production looks like this, the driving dynamics should really convince us to overlook this unfortunate nose correction.

source: kolesa.ru

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