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New case in the neighborhood: Man in Kufstein sick with measles

Today, on Wednesday afternoon May 8, the confirmation from the virology laboratory has arrived: one person has measles in Kufstein.

KUFSTEIN (red). About the doctor, who had already suspected this highly contagious infectious disease, the man had come to the Kufstein district hospital for further treatment. All precautions were taken and the patient was immediately isolated not to infect other patients.

Measles are usually contagious for up to nine days – according to the patient's medical history, the patient is now contagious the last day under medical supervision. The persons who were or could have been in contact with the patient have already been contacted by the district commissioner Kufstein. From the side of the BH health department, the employees and the wider environment of the man were offered the measles vaccine as protection against a disease. BH Christoph Platzgummer says:

"We have taken all possible measures to prevent the further spread of measles and to closely follow all developments."

Information about measles

Protected against measles are people who have undergone measles or have been vaccinated twice with the correct vaccine (registered in the vaccination certificate with "mumps-measles-rubella" or "MMR"). A single vaccine usually means a very high level of protection, but a second vaccination is always recommended. The measles vaccine can be carried out free of charge by a general practitioner or an Austrian health authority.

Typical symptoms of measles disease are high fever, photophobia and / or eye drop, dry cough and a large blotchy rash, usually one to four days after these pre-symptoms, starting behind the ears and on the face, spread throughout the body . "If symptoms of a suspected measles disease occur, the doctor must be contacted by telephone and contact with others must be avoided to prevent infection," advises Council member Platzgummer.

More information: www.tirol.gv.at/impfungen

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