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Rental prices compared to other cities: St. Gallen cheap, Geneva expensive

According to a new analysis by the Comparis comparison service, St. Gallen is considerably lower in rents than other ten large Swiss cities. And not for the first time. Families in particular must be interested in the evaluation.

St. Galler pays a high price for their dialect, ridicule some Zurich. For the East Swiss, almost the entire group lives in Switzerland as the cheapest to rent. So cheap even that the people of Zurich have to laugh at the following numbers.

In the city of St. Gallen, tenants pay for a 4½-room apartment (100 to 110 square meters) in the median average of 2004 francs. "This is the lowest price in the ten largest Swiss cities," says a comparative analysis by Comparis, which will be published today. Last year, St. Gallen was considered a paradise for renters.

In Zurich you pay around 1000 francs more for an apartment with the same surface area and the same number of rooms, that is 3073 francs per month.

Eastern Switzerland also in small apartments at the front

The real estate experts of the comparison service also compared the advertised prices of rental apartments in the ten largest Swiss cities with other apartment sizes.

They also opted for the median rent for this. This average price avoids distortion due to extremely high or low rents.

In St. Gallen it is not only cheaper for families. Even couples or single people pay less rent. A 3½-room apartment costs on average 1675 francs per month. City dwellers in Zurich pay CHF 814 more monthly with CHF 2,489. In Biel BE (1690 francs) and Bern (1950) things are also going well. Basel is rented out at 2030 francs in midfield.

According to the comparison service, the low-priced flats in St. Gallen and Biel "have a lower attractiveness compared to Zurich". Moreover, in the Limmatstadt, the willingness to pay of the apartment seeker is higher.

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