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Series A: Italy commemorates the tragedy in Turin on May 4, 1949

Italian football on Saturday is all about the plane crash of May 4, 1949, when the entire team of AC Turin was killed.

Turin today commemorates the worst tragedy of Italian football. 70 years after the death of the entire team of the then AC Turin in the Superga plane disaster, the inauguration of a plaque with the names of the 31 victims is the emotional highlight of the celebrations.

18 players of "Il Grande Torino" were on May 4, 1949 on the way back from the friendly match at Benfica Lisbon. During the landing approach in rain and fog, the pilot steered the plane too low over the Turin city hill, so that the machine grazed part of the famous Superga pilgrimage church and crashed onto the mountain. During the funeral procession with the coffins through the city, more than 500,000 people gave the victims the last escort.

4 consecutive champions, 93 home matches unbeaten

The accident shocked the entire country and was a turning point. Until the disaster that Torino was the dominant team in Italy, he had won the championship four times in a row and remained unbeaten in 93 home games in a row.

The Squadra Azzurra also consisted largely of players from the best Turist team. Postum, the association declared the club unreachable in the table shortly after the crash with the Scudetto winner. (Red)

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