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Specially red wine molecule lowers blood pressure

Can the consumption of red wine protect against hypertension?

Researchers have now discovered that a molecule in red wine causes a drop in blood pressure, which could be very useful in combating cardiovascular disease.

The recent study by King & # 39; s College London has shown that red wine contains a specific molecule that protects against cardiovascular disease. The results of the study were published in the English journal "Circulation".

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High blood pressure can lead to deadly diseases

Many people have problems with high blood pressure. Untreated, high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including a stroke and heart attack. High blood pressure is also associated with an increased risk of vascular dementia.

10 signs of hypertension

Hypertension is often not recognized because it usually creeps. We show you 10 symptoms that may indicate high blood pressure.

What is resveratrol?

A molecule known as resveratrol is a compound produced by the peel of certain fruits for self-defense against insects, bacteria and fungi. Grapes and red wine are known to contain the above compound. In the study, the researchers gave mice with induced hypertension a dose of resveratrol, in which the blood vessels of the animals relaxed and blood pressure dropped. The same effect could be observed in experiments with muscle cells from human blood vessels. There are currently no antihypertensive drugs that use this route for treatment. The results could thus contribute to the development of new effective medicines.

Discovery can lead to a new class of blood pressure medicines

"We are starting to discover that oxidizing agents are not always the bad guy. Our research shows that a molecule that was once considered an antioxidant exerts its beneficial effects through oxidation. We believe that many other so-called antioxidants could also work that way , "explains study author Dr. Joseph Burgoyne of King & # 39; s College London in a press release. "Our work could lay the foundation for chemically modifying resveratrol to improve delivery to the body, or to develop new, more effective drugs that follow the same path. In the future, we could have a whole new class of blood pressure drugs "the expert adds.

Should we now drink more red wine?

Unfortunately, we do not only achieve the protective effect by consuming red wine. To get the equivalent dose of resveratrol used here, you should drink an impossibly high amount of red wine every day. On the one hand this is not at all feasible and on the other hand the attempt is not really advisable. The real value of the research is to demonstrate the surprising effect of resveratrol and therefore the potential for new blood pressure drugs that work in a similar way. The results bring us one step closer to addressing the health risk of hypertension. The knowledge can help to prevent devastating strokes or heart attacks in the future. Although you can buy resveratrol supplements, the researchers emphasize that a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and medication prescribed by your doctor are the best way to control your blood pressure. (As)

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