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Tesla cuts autopilot on European model S & X> Teslamag.de

With a software update, Tesla has started to limit the control functions of its autopilot system on the S and X models in different countries. One user has posted comments for version 2019.16.1.1 of the Tesla software for the UK on the Internet that state: "Due to new local regulations, the limit has been adjusted for how far the steering wheel can turn when Autosteer is activated. negatively affect Autosteer's ability to drive through sharp turns. "

Opposite the blog Electrek Tesla confirmed this information and stated that it was about compliance with UN / ECE R79. Obviously, this means a document from a committee at UN level that draws up international rules for the registration of motor vehicles; These are valid for Europe and many other countries, but not for the US and Canada.

At the end of 2018, the UN committee recently approved a revision of its regulations with regard to cars with "driver assistance steering systems" (also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Steering Systems). Therefore, cars that do not comply with the updated rules should no longer be included in their scope from September 2019.

Another change to the 2019.16 software in Model S and Model X, according to the release notes, is that auto lane switching with Autosteer must be initiated by the driver with the flick lever (tap on) and then started within 5 seconds . This seems less important than the limitation of the steering angle.

Model 3 does not seem to be affected by any of these measures. loud Electrek In Europe, some of them were initially delivered without an autopilot, which was subsequently activated according to the new rules. European owners of Model 3 have now released release notes for 2019.16 in which the two changes are not mentioned.

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