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That is why Michael Wendler stayed away from the opening of the "Megapark"

Michael Wendler stayed away from the opening of the "Megapark" on Mallorca on yesterday. The reason: the hit star doesn't want to be booed again.

Fans who took Michael Wendler (46) into account in the big season opener of the infamous & # 39; Megapark & ​​# 39; on Mallorca were disappointed: the hit star, who has been playing Ballermann for years with songs such as & # 39; She loves the DJ & # 39 ;, squeezed the opening of the famous party beer garden on Sunday.

While Schlager colleagues such as Lorenz Büffel (40) or Mickie Krause (48) appeared on the Playa de Palma, Wendler did not show up – allegedly fearing the public. As the "Bild" reports, the musician, who is currently making headlines with his relationship with 18-year-old Laura, could have performed on time.

Because the spectators trained and cursed at the Megapark last time, he canceled this year. In addition, many artists are particularly afraid of one of the two phases in the "Megapark". This was nicknamed "stage of death" because the sound of the system is often too quiet and too bad.

Laura had to wait behind the stage

While Wendler abandoned a performance in the "Megapark", he performed on Saturday evening in the turbine hall in Oberhausen (D). 2000 fans wanted to see the singer during his first German concert of the year. Noticeable: his girlfriend Laura had to wait behind the stage. The student was just on the screen in the new video clip for Wendler's song & # 39; One loves more and more & # 39 ;.

Photos & # 39; s from the clip that Wendler shared on Instagram shock his fans. Laura presents her curves in the video clip in tight shorts and with a deep neckline – while washing the motorcycle. A no-go for the pop singer's fans. "Sorry for exploiting a naive child," a user said about his girlfriend's appearance. "Shooting porn à la Wendler", another commentary on the scenes from the video clip. (KAD)

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