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The Rock goes MCU: Dwayne Johnson wants to meet Kevin Feige

You should Dwayne Johnson now ranked among the greatest movie stars in the world, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe – crowned by Avengers – Endgame – is without a doubt the largest film franchise in the world. Would it not make sense if both come together? In fact, an approach could take place soon.

Avengers – Endgame exceeds all the expectations of the cash register and currently impresses everyone, including Johnson, who takes the opportunity end game– Congratulate group on their success – and file an indirect application for the MCU. In a InstagramHe also mentions video Marvel StudiosPresident Kevin Feige suggests a possible collaboration in the near future: he knows their assistants have been trying for months to bring them together for dinner, Johnson said. They are both super-loving boys, and he looks forward to connecting their diaries.

This stimulates speculation: which miracleThe role could be Johnson, who is still the one DC-Anti heroes / super villains Black Adam want to represent, then probably take over? Maybe this one here …

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