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This is what GC President Stephan Rietiker says about the game crash in Lucerne

GC President Stephan Rietiker addresses the media. Image: KEYSTONE

GC President Rietiker: "The real fans can prove themselves in the Challenge League"

The Grasshopper Club Zurich has been relegated to the Challenge League – and with major discussions. President Stephan Rietiker and coach Uli Forte said today at a press conference about the difficult situation of the Taditionsklubs. These were the most important explanations.

  • Stephan Rietiker: "We have to make a clear distinction between what fans are and what they are. At one point the CEO came to me and told me that the fans wanted to see a representative of the club. It was clear to me that it was. the goal was not ruin but a de-escalation. Imagine that we had 10 to 15 injuries. "
  • Stephan Rietiker: «Here the policy and the association are requested. With us, drivers are punished harder than hooligans. What I did yesterday, under the circumstances, was the best we could do. & # 39;
  • Stephan Rietiker: «I will question everything critically. With external consultants. There are no better ones in Switzerland than Heusler, Heitz and Jaus. »
  • Stephan Rietiker: "Uli Forte is the right coach. We descend with him and again."
  • Uli Forte: "Unfortunately, we now have to play a season in the Challenge League. The club and I must now take all measures to realize the immediate revival."
  • Stephan Rietiker: «We have to reform ourselves. Cut off a few old braids. We have to change the way we budget. It is clear that we must keep liquidity planning tight. The mud must stop now. »
  • Stephan Rietiker: "We need the fans, now more than ever, and no pursuers blocking our way. In the Challenge League, real fans can now prove that they are there. But we have to make a clear distinction between what fans are and what they are "
  • Stephan Rietiker: "I don't know if the GC curve is right-handed. That would be very bad if that were the case."
  • Stephan Rietiker: "We have to use the year. We need new investors. It has people who invest at their best, if you put out a credible construction.

The summary

Not 24 hours after the embarrassing appearance in Lucerne, when the game had to be stopped midway through the second half at a score of 0: 4 due to a bit of chaotic chaos, Stephan Rietiker and coach Uli Forte in a hotel in Nobel in Zurich. media. "You can call me a sissy," said Rietiker, who had served as president for about seven weeks, "but I had to weigh even if it was extortion."

About two dozen fans from the host sector had crossed the barrier, creating a break and eventually the demolition of the game. After a conversation with Rietiker and goalkeeper Heinz Lindner, the Chaoten demanded the publication of the GC jerseys, which also happened. He had acted "counter" and was ashamed of it, Rietiker said, but it was a matter of avoiding worse things. "It wasn't a trap, it was about de-escalation."

Rietiker: "That wasn't ruin"

Video: SRF / SDA SRF

After the incident, the second forced by GC fans game crash within two months, Rietiker took other players on duty. "It is also a political and social problem." Cars sinners would be severely punished as criminals in Swiss society, the 62-year-old said. "In Germany, in American football or in England, these people would be taken away in a van." The GC president calls for politics, the competition and the clubs to act. He argues for a sensible mix between dialogue and repression.

Forte: "Quality was not enough"

Video: SRF / SDA SRF

Despite the disappointment, Rietiker also sees the first relegation after 70 years in the top division as an opportunity: "He gives us the opportunity to fundamentally restructure the club." The record champion is advised by the two Baselers Bernhard Heusler and Georg Heitz former president and sports director of FC Basel. "There is no stone left," says Rietiker. The search for a sports director is in full swing and instead of the retiring CEO Manuel Huber, a COO must be installed that is responsible for finance, administration and marketing.

Whether the budget should still be 20 million francs in the new season, Rietiker left open. The goal is to spend as little money as possible, but as much as necessary. Rietiker does not believe that people would turn away from the club. There are people who would understand this descent as a departure. "And the real fans can show in the Challenge League that they are with us."

The re-enactment operation is aimed at coach Uli Forte, although he could not prevent the descent. "Of course he is the right coach," said Rietiker. "He has my confidence and that of the owners." Together with Heitz, Forte wants to put together a powerful team. "Because GC belongs in the Super League – and nowhere else," said the coach. (Pre / SDA)

Here is the entire press conference to read:

GC fans cause a game crash in Lucerne

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