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This will be the most expensive divorce ever

Amazon boss had affair

Why this could weaken the gigantic Amazon.

The news hit this week as a bomb: the richest man in the world, founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (55), and his wife MacKenzie (48) divorced. They were married for 25 years and have four children.

At the outset, the two sell their separation as peaceful: "We remain a family and beloved friends," Bezos said on Twitter. Internally but the pieces will probably fly. Because Jeff Bezos has been a new one for a long time: Lauren Sánchez (49), TV star, helicopter pilot and even married to Hollywood producer Patrick Whitesell. Especially spicy: the two couples were friends, so Jeff and Lauren got to know each other for the first time …

Smooth text message from Jeff Bezos to his beloved

For about nine months the two had a secret affair, met in hotels and traveled together. Since April they wrote some slippery sms, as the National Enquirer now revealed ("I want to smell you, I want to breathe, I want to hold you." "I love you, soon I will show you with my body, my lips . "). Journalists loved the beloved hearts – when it became clear that the explosive Causa would soon be revealed, Bezos published the divorce from his wife.

According to insiders, the couple hardly makes a rose war. But the divorce is the most expensive of all time: Bezos, according to Bloomberg, is the richest man in the world with a capital of 137 billion dollars (118.8 billion euros). There is no marriage contract. MacKenzie Bezos, now a writer, used to work at Amazon. Since the establishment of the company in 1994, she has participated in one form or another – up to half of her enormous fortune could be awarded to her!

Nervousness in the stock market: divorce could weaken giants Amazon

Possible effects of the Bezos divorce on Amazon create nervousness among investors. First major investors have already sold their Amazon share packages. Amazon is currently the most valuable company in the world (nearly $ 800 billion in market value). But the separation of Bezos can have an impact on the business of the online giant, is feared. Bezos owns 16.2% of Amazon (the share package is currently worth about $ 130 billion). In the course of the divorce, he may be forced to cash in on much of his stake, which would weaken his position of power on Amazon. And Bezos is clearly the genius and driving force of the company, as Steve Jobs once did at Apple.

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