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UBS now asks 2 francs for cash at the counter

UBS needs money. 5 billion for
their trial in France, 100 million for the compensation
top management, 1 billion for their most important risk takers.

Where to choose From the customers. And by the little ones. The great ones, with assets of millions and billions, are at the levers; they dictate the bank's prices.

The normalos among customers, on the other hand, should be happy if UBS and the other financial institutions do not take a negative interest in their eyes. For them, the rates increase with a monthly rate.

The last spin on the screw: the cash relationship at the UBS counter costs something. That is 2 francs per purchase in each of the 300 branches of the large bank in Switzerland.

"From 1 July two francs will go for
any cash withdrawal in CHF at the UBS counter of a UBS private account
or from a private bank account of a UBS account settled in CHF, "said
the Finanzmulti their many small and medium-sized Swiss
Customers know recently.

That means: UBS demands money if someone comes to the counter and wants to have his money.

His money, not that of UBS.

UBS turns the tables in its desperate search for income. It is as if the customer is no longer able to use his assets.

Who wants this – so his own money – in the form of Nötli instead of the bank in his wallet, which should be nice and good for obesity. Figures for your own money, is the new buzzword.

This allows the bank to finance bonuses for the top for another year. However, customers are referred to the machine.

"Stay free
Withdrawals in CHF (…) on all UBS cash machines, write it
Responsible in her announcement, hidden at the end of
April 2019 account overview appears.

The 2 francs per cash withdrawal at the counter seamlessly connect to the already known closures of counter halls.

Switzerland's number 1, for example, decided to stop receiving patrols at Paradeplatz in Zurich.

More symbolic: UBS, by far the largest and most important financial center of the rich country, closes its traditional counter hall in the heart of the financial center.

You only have to walk 300 meters to our new flagship store on Bahnhofstrasse, according to bank management; is not too much to ask.

There, the UBS spike donated only 300 million in a palace of marble and stucco. Golden offices for the carpet floor: that too wants to be financed.

Normal customers need to feel comfortable at one of the countless ATMs to get money there – that's the idea of ​​UBS leadership.

But even there it is deleted where it is possible. In Bern, UBS informed its customers at the start of the year about the closure of an ATM.

No cash at this address (UBS)

The picture is sobering: the bank, which dictates the trend in Switzerland because of its size and importance, is becoming increasingly busy.

Cash? Not in this house soon.

Service degradation is in a class of its own.
Conversely, there is no interest. Or minus, as with the pension funds
– What then again on Mr and Mrs Swiss as insured
fall back.

No wonder that more and more customers are looking for alternatives. Revolut, Apple Pay & Co., these are new digital companies for financial services, are booming.

Thanks to innovation, they offer cheap cards and apps that can be used for mobile payments. Even cash at a fair price is on offer – everywhere, not just in Switzerland.

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