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Vortex for IPO: drivers stopped – Uber responded

For the Giganto IPO from Uber Uber, it came to a major strike by the drivers on Wednesday. The company has already responded in a statement.

On Wall Street, investors are eagerly awaiting the stock debut of Uber, the US forwarder. The Silicon Valley company is announced on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time on Friday. The countdown has begun

But the stock market party was disturbed on Wednesday. In various American cities, including New York, San Francisco and Boston, Uber drivers stopped working and took to the streets. They demand better work guarantees, an end to arbitrary "deactivations" of the Uber system and a larger share of the platform's revenues.

In New York, around 500 drivers are protesting this morning in front of the company's office building in Manhattan. According to Uber, this has hardly affected the customers in the city. According to the company, there are around 50,000 drivers in New York City.

«Invest in our lives and not in their shares»

In San Francisco, the police had to close parts of Market Street for a short time, bringing about 300 drivers to the Uber headquarters in San Francisco. On Twitter videos & # 39; s you see the strikers shouting the same sentence: "United drivers will never be defeated." Signs were also "Invested in our lives and not in their shares."

In the UK and Australia, Uber driver & # 39; s briefly stopped work for a short time.

Uber has already responded on Wednesday. "The driver is the core of our service – we cannot be successful without him," the company wrote in a statement. They wanted to continue working on improving the & # 39; experience for and with the drivers & # 39 ;. Uber, however, mentioned no concrete steps.

However, the company became clearer about the long-awaited announcement of its share price. Uber has set a range of $ 44 to $ 50 per share, as announced on Wednesday.

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Can Swiss purchase an Uber share?

On Friday the time has come: the American Fahrdienstvermittler Uber is going public. When the bell is called on New York's Wall Street on Friday morning (6 p.m.

Swiss investors can also be part of the large stock exchange party. You can place a normal order with his bank. Only Swiss twins with an American passport or former and current holders of a green card can be excluded from the purchase.

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