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▲ Divo does not fight at this speed, but is sharply refined for aerodynamics. (Turning Bugatti)

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When it comes to Bugatti, most fans will think of the "Mountain Pig King" being born at a very high speed, but the "Divo" launched at the recent Pebble Beach Auto Show has changed the brand tradition and uses the speed no longer as a question, but has improved enormously. Maneuverability, but many gold buyers who have not booked a car, can put the black card away, because Bugatti Divo, worth 5 million euros (almost NT $ 180 million), will produce only 40 units and sell them all. It is.


▲ Bugatti launched the latest masterpiece Divo during the Round Stone Show. (Figure / flip of Bugatti)

Divo has to change from super-fast super-running to brush-turning machine, in fact it depends on changing the aerodynamics and light weights. Based on the appearance of Chiron, Divo changed the shape of the headlights, so the gas dam enlarged and improved. to become. The heat dissipation effect and the exaggerated air force component under the front of the car and the car side, the visual effect is much higher than Chiron.


▲ Divo & # 39; s aerodynamics is greatly improved, from the ultra-fast super-run avatar machine. (Figure / flip of Bugatti)

In order to maximize aerodynamics, even the shape of the roof is very specific, so that the air flow can pass more smoothly through the W16 engine and the active tail of the rear is 23% wider than the Chiron and can also be used as an air brake. With the splitter below the overall change makes the lateral force of Divo of 1.6G and the downward force increases by 90 kg, while at the same time the brakes and the engine also get better heat dissipation.


▲ In addition to improved operation, Divo's refrigeration is also optimized. (Figure / flip of Bugatti)

In terms of weight, Bugatti also minimizes the weight of the Divo. By reducing the sound-absorbing material, replacing the carbon fiber intercooler cover with the lightweight rim and removing part of the internal equipment, the weight is reduced by 35 kg. The body dynamic is not small.


▲ Divo reduces part of the sound insulation material and the interior is also removed. (Figure / flip of Bugatti)

Finally, the power part, Divo still uses Chiron's W16 engine and the output also keeps 1,500 hp. After the pressure is greatly increased, Divo is 8 seconds faster than Chiron on the Nardo test track, but the lap gets faster. Divo & # 39; s speed is "only" 380 km / h, which is much slower than Chiron's electronic speed limit of 420 km / h.


▲ Divo has 1,500 hp and has been repaired to a speed of 380 km / h. (Figure / flip of Bugatti)

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