[5 belangrijke technologienieuws van deze week] 488 low-cost to eat and fight again! Samsung Note 9 will begin selling next Friday

[De vijf belangrijkste nieuwsberichten van wetenschap en technologie op dit moment]

Telecom Sanxiong 488 low-cost to eat and fight again! Samsung flagship machine Emperor Note 9 pre-order 掀 craze, this Friday to sell all Taiwan! Apple's new iPhone will be unveiled by Apple Pencil, the global notebook market also provided the reshuffle, Apple fell out of the top five and NCC announced the unsatisfactory list of commercially available on-board boxes …

Samsung flagship machine Note 9 price of Taiwan announced! Jolin Tsai's approval 掀 pre-purchase tree

Samsung kept the Note 9 new machine this week on the list of press conferences, officially announced the pricing in Taiwan, as well as pre-order related information. Returning to Samsung Note 9 spokesperson for the flagship machine Tian Cai Tsai was also invited to appear for Note 9 platform support. The listed price of Taiwan, 6GB / 128GB version is 30,900 yuan, top version 8GB / 512GB asks for price … Read more

Note 9 Pre-order 2 hours full! China, Yuan Chuan: this color is the most popular!

Samsung Note 9 has been disassembled! Surprisingly similar to the "notebook level" cooling design

→ Note 9 "screen" was the strongest in the evaluation! The top three in the mobile phone industry is their

Samsung Note 9 Taiwan price announcement, there will be blue, golden, purple three colors. Displayed on 8/24. (Figure reversed from Samsung official Facebook fan group)

Samsung flagship machine Emperor Note 9 spokesperson Jolin Tsai, appeared in the new machine to publish activities. (Reporter Chen Yuquan photo)

Telecom Sanxiong low price war again! Push 488 to eat and hurry to attack the student group

Telecom Sanxiong this week without warning, then start a low-cost to eat the full fee promotion, grab the student population market. In the name of "Youth is invaluable", Yuanyuan launched the 488 4G Internet to get the full price and the first 5 minutes of internet. Chunghwa Telecom will not be outdone, and immediately started the student program "Youth Invincible" with similar content and has three purchase costs of 388, 588 and 688. Compared with Chunghwa Telecom and the external network of 10 minutes and 5 minutes on calls, the University of Taiwan has added a code to offer "free values ​​in the network" … Continue reading

] → Far pass iPhone 7 sale! 32GB version at least 520 yuan

Chunghwa Telecom promotes the student initiative & # 39; Youth invincible & # 39; and has 388, 588, 688 three purchase costs. If you do not have to purchase a machine, you only have to bind the contract and the monthly rent can be further reduced by 100 yuan to 288, 488, 588. (Illustrated by China Telecom) [19659003] The new iPhone supports the Apple Pencil stylus

market regulation TrendForce reported in the last report that this year is estimated to be 3 The new iPhone will be equipped with a "Liu Hai" full screen and Face ID facial recognition unlock function, and the price will drop below $ 1,000, including … Continue Reading

→ HTC is the first to announce the upgrade of the Android 9 model list

→ Google & # 39; s new flagship Pixel 3 XL real machine packed as first exposure! Accessories have new highlights

The market regulator predicts that the OLED version of this year's new iPhone is expected to support the Apple Pencil stylus. (Photo retake from MacRumors)

Worldwide notebook shipments last rankings released! Apple fell for the first time out of the top five

Global market for notebooks took care of the last rankings! The most recent research report data show that in the second quarter of 2018 the total number of global notebook computer shipments was 41.08 million units, an increase of 10.2% over the first quarter. Currently, the three top brands belong to the market share of notebooks Foreword: HP, Lenovo, Dell. In the fourth to sixth place there is a new situation of shaking, the domestic brand Acer … Read more

→ ASUS ASUS "Electricity Pen Electric" good! Pay the best performances in the world

→ 13 吋 电 效能 效能! !! !! The new Mac has a record number

Acer's sales of notebooks ranks fourth in the world market. (Photo of this newspaper photo, reporter Wu Peihua photo)

NCC has announced the last steel list of digital machine box! 15 non-qualified products

NCC has recently published the latest sampling results of the wireless multimedia set top box (commonly known as the set-top box). From 13 August the number of tested models has 31 models, of which there are a total of 15 models available on the market. Aside from unqualified sampling and non-compliance with the specifications of the wording, they have been abolished according to the regulations, including: Chihiro box … Continue reading

→ The " Fourth "tariff war started! The average monthly rent is less than 100 yuan

→ The best 19 videos & # 39; s to play YouTube video & # 39; s! The reason why the iPhone is not on the list is …

The NCC has announced the newest sampling results of the wireless multimedia set top box (commonly known as the set-top box). From August 13, a total of 15 models on the market in violation of the verification specifications. (Photo of the newspaper report, reporter Qiu Junfu reversed)

[Wilt u misschien zien]

Note 9 Endurance test released! Apple still lost last year, "this" old machine

Noodle powder has waited a long time? Nokia Mystery new machine has confirmed that it will officially debut next week!

It does not take 10 minutes to fully charge? The first "graphene" battery phone debuted this year

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