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▲ ▼ American Airlines, American Airlines. (Photo / Reuters)

▲ American Airlines announced that it would cancel the flight from Chicago to Beijing and Chicago to Shanghai. (Photo / Reuters)

Internal reporter Yuan Yin / extended report

American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines announced at the 21st local time that they would cancel one direct flight to mainland China in October. Now there is news that China International Airlines (also called Air China) will also terminate the direct route from Shanghai to San Jose, California, after September 25th.

American Airlines wants to cancel the direct flight from Chicago to Shanghai. In the past, the company announced that it would cancel the direct flight between Chicago and Beijing in May and fly the last flight on October 20th. Vasu Raja, vice president of American Airlines, said that although there is enthusiasm for the Asian market, China's two routes and Japanese routes have caused huge losses. The American Airlines spokesperson, Leslie Scott, added that the direct flights to Shanghai and Beijing were opened in 2006 and 2010 respectively, but so far there has been almost no profit, given the high fuel costs of more than 30% in last year. Only then decided to stop flying. "If the market improves, it will apply for the resumption of the operation."

Hawaiian Airlines has canceled the flight from Honolulu to Beijing, but has not canceled the diplomatic case. However, according to data from flight data service providers "Fei Changzhun", the average passenger load factor of Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Beijing is less than 60% since the start of the flight: the passenger traffic from American Airlines Chicago to Shanghai is gradually increasing. Sliding down. According to, some experts believe that this is because the source of Sino-American Airlines mainly comes from China, but Chinese tourists are not used to taking foreign flights.

▲ ▼ Chinese airlines, Air China. (Figure / CFP)

▲ China Airlines (Air China) will cancel the Shanghai-San Jose route. (Figure / CFP)

However, US Airways does not only cancel some direct flights to China, but even in July this year it was reported that Air China will cancel flights from Shanghai to San Jose after September 25 this year. According to the China Civil Aviation Resources website, the route was opened in March 2016. It is expected that this route will be carried out five times a week with the Airbus A330 model and officially introduced in September 2016, but this has only become three shifts per week. In June 2018 it was reduced to 2 shifts per week and continued to be worn until September 2018.

When observing Air China's passenger load factor in Shanghai-San Jose, which started from September 2016 to December 2017, the average passenger load factor is only 58.61%, even in high season this is not ideal. From September 2016 to December 2017, total passenger traffic was 62,000, with an average of only 3,906 per month. However, the passenger load factor of the Beijing-San Jose route was 72.95% and the passenger traffic during the outward and return journeys was 108,000. The average monthly figure was 6,786, which is 1.7 times more than traffic in Shanghai-San Jose.

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