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Reporter Hong Shengyu / Taipei

After the WWDC 2018 in June of this year, the App Store Review Guide was also updated, explicitly prohibiting cryptocurrency operations, including mining, exchanges and other applications, as well as applications that prohibit game categories. In China, the relevant mechanism so far has allowed the AppStore to remove at least 20,000 applications.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Apple App Store strictly enforces applications related to virtual currency and game categories. More than 1.4% of applications have been removed under more than 1.8 million applications in China.

The relevant reasons can be attributed to CCTV's report on Apple's app store in the past few months that there are still a large number of illegal lottery-related applications, resulting in damage to users' property.

The First Financial reporter has received a statement from Apple that the game app is illegal in China, and the App Store will not tolerate this. They also visited the developers in the report. They found that the app review period of the App Store was significantly longer, indicating that the Apple team's rating was stricter than before, but the developers expressed respect and understanding for the way Apple deals with the related measures.

"ETToday News Cloud" reporter preliminary statistics, the Chinese mainland AppStore actually from the application data at least more than 25,000. However, viewing the AppStore Assessment Guide in Taiwan has not changed significantly since the WWDC 2018 update. The developers are free to choose whether they want to open the user to try the application. If there is an advertisement, you should pay attention to the same application rating.

In addition, it is the previously reported specification for banning cryptocurrency-related applications. For related reports, please consult & # 39; App Store, Google Play Platform prohibits repeating operations and other mining programs.

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