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Apple Watch is being prosecuted in the US.

Beijing Business Daily

Reporter Shi Feiyue

There were reports on August 21stApplefrom

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The job has been sued.

The report said that former Apple supplier Zomm claimed that Apple's new feature, Emergency SOS, added to Apple Watch's watchwatch 3 smartwatch, was actually stolen from the company's patent. In a new lawsuit discovered by the blog site Patently Apple, Zomm said the company developed the SOS feature and patented it. This feature allows users to press the buttons on the external device to call a local emergency number but in the "After deliberately approaching Zomm to steal company technology, Apple has used the technology in Apple Watch without permission.

Zomm's allegations also include details known to older Apple Watch users. The company said the company had successfully introduced its own wireless line at the CES conference in 2010 to help users avoid the Bluetooth scaler losing their smartphones, and then they were attacked by Apple. Apple contacted Zomm to request exclusive launch of the attachment in the Apple Store.iPhonefrom

Version, Zomm agreed immediately.

Zomm said that due to the unfavorable conditions at Apple, although the sale of Wireless Leash Plus was good, the company's revenue was minimal. A few months after Zomm made its debut at the CES conference in 2012, Apple terminated the Wireless Leash Plus sales agreement for stores. But Apple now orders a lot of equipment for Apple's senior leaders, developers and scientists. Zomm said that due to concerns about the order, the company contacted Apple executives to let them know that they had applied for a patent for the emergency service and asked if the two companies could continue to cooperate, but the other party did not respond. .

In June 2016, Apple unveiled that it will add "SOS" functionality to watchOS 3, including the same functions as described in Zomm's patent. Zomm demanded compensation for patent infringement and unfair competition, as well as for provisional facilities and lawyers' fees. The lawsuit was first filed in the southern district of New York and then transferred toCaliforniafrom

The San Francisco North District Court has reopened.

Apple has not commented on this at the moment. The latest release from market research firm CanalysGlobalfrom

Smart watchtrackfrom

According to the report, global smartwatch shipments reached 10 million in the second quarter of 2018 and Apple Watch global shipments reached 3.5 million. Canalys analyst Vincent Thielke said: "Apple Apple Watch is increasingly threatened by competitors because many competitors mark the million every quarter." These smart watch manufacturers are trying to pass advanced indicators of Heart Rate Detection, Smart Coaching and Cards to differentiate between products. "

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