Break the money! Taiwanese apply for a residence permit, for fear of paying worldwide taxes in China Apple Daily

China announced that it will open the citizens of the Republic of China to apply for the "residence permit" of China from September 1st this year, but some advisers said that in the future applicants might have to pay "worldwide personal income tax" with doubts would suggest. Do not apply for the time being.

According to the Central News Agency report, the Chinese regulations include: "Living for more than half a year, in accordance with legal and stable employment,Legally stable propertyfrom

"One of the conditions for continuous reading," says Li Renxiang, managing director of Hanbang Management Consultants.Have a homefrom

"It will be the" fiscal resident "of the" Tax Tax Law "in China." It is possible that Taiwanese claimants will have to pay "global personal income tax" in China in the future. For those who have "a large international income", there may be more people. The big tax burden, but these doubts, also need the Chinese side to explain.

In addition, Li Renxiang said that according to China's "Duty Tax Law", regardless of whether there is a "residence permit", as long as it lives in China for more than 183 days, even if it is a "tax resident" in China. China has to pay the "global personal income tax". ,The definition is stricter than beforefrom

Many Taiwanese business people have already felt that "the situation is serious" because in the past most Taiwanese business people and Taiwanese people stayed as "non-residents" and only had to pay income tax on their income in China.

Li Renxiang said it is recommended that the Taiwanese with "overseas earnings" suspend their application for a "residence permit" and wait for the formal application of the "Legislative Act of the People's Republic of China" to approve the formal legislation and the application to determine a residence permit.Will not be taxpayersfrom

Then decide whether you want to apply for a residence permit.

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