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There is no doubt that Chrome is the most popular browser today, with a market share of more than 60% and IE with almost 55% ahead of the second.from

The question is coming ~ Do you know when the birthday of Chrome is?

That's right! It was September 1, ten years ago, and on September 2, the first beta version of Windows for Windows was officially released.

On September 1, 2008, Google suddenly & # 39; a brand new browser & # 39; announced. Google said it wants to develop a browser designed for complex web applications with a sandbox similar to the operating system.

"We realized that the web has evolved from a large simple text page to a rich interactive application, we need to completely reconsider the browser, we really need more than just a browser, and it is still a web page and an application. , and that's exactly what we're going to build. "

On the same day, Google also published a comic book of 39 pages in which various engineers and designers explained how the browser works. The next day Chrome is released for Windows, but the stable version has to wait until December. In December, Chrome also released a beta version of iOS and Linux. Android was released in May 2012.

The Chrome team said it will announce a number of special events on the occasion of its 10th anniversary on 4 September.

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