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Delta Electric (2308) was sold by Arab sovereign funds in the fourth quarter of last year and the share price of a number of long-term investments was changed: the share price fell from more than 150 yuan, at the beginning of July this was only 99 yuan. The third quarter is the top season of Delta Power, the monthly turnover of more than 20 billion yuan is in fact the same, the economic scale will also increase the gross profit margin, the pressure of the price increase of the components is shared by the customers. The gross profit margin in the third quarter is expected to increase by 0.5 to 1 percentage point.

The deep-selling Delta Electronics became the target of the upturn last week, rose 17.7% in a single week and closed at 123 yuan, a new highlight writing since mid-April. The three legal entities bought more than 11,000 copies last week and the counterprinters first looked at 140 yuan.

(Business Times)

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