Diving big auction! HTC last year's flagship machine mad price cuts close to the waistline – China Times News

The mobile phone market on the mainland is struggling, and the price competition is also very fierce. According to the Lu Media report, the flagship of the new machine U11 that was launched last year by hTC has recently fallen sharply on the mainland.

According to "Tencent.com", when U11 became public last year, it had an asking price of 4,999 yuan (a contract of 22,000 Taiwan dollars) .Now, on the e-commerce platform on the mainland, the minimum price is only 2,699 yuan (one contract of 12,000 Taiwan dollars). The price is large. Diving, almost wailing.

The HTC U11 has a double-sided glass design and an interesting "Edge Sense" feature that allows you to enable shortcuts such as cameras & voice assistants by holding the body frame. Lu media analysis, the current smart phone market is fiercely competitive, U11 is the product from last year, this year the mobile phone point of sale includes double lens, full screen, etc., U11 has nothing, it is difficult to push the price .

hTC placed a photo on the official fan group this afternoon (23), predicting that the mysterious new machine will be unveiled next Thursday. The contents of the Po text only have an "expectation and beauty contest". It is speculated that the middle phase can be launched from the U series. New machine.

(China Times Newsletter)

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