Finally uncovered! The new iPhone this year has two main functions, the name can be "XS" Freelance 3C technology

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Although the appearance has almost confirmed the expansion of the iPhone X and launched 5.8 吋, 6.1 吋, 6.5 机 three models, the main function of the new iPhone is relatively hidden, rarely mentioned in the market news of the past months. At the end of August last year, however, all important functions of the iPhone X, "Bloomberg", were also revealed. Earlier it was announced that the most important changes to the new iPhone this year will be cameras & performance upgrades.

"S" year: upgrade will not be too much

In other words, the A12 chip built with the 7nm process of TSMC can be a hidden highlight of the announcement of the A11 Bionic last year, China has the news that the GPU upgrade of the A12 will be the focus, with the previous generation A11. Bionic is 50% more efficient and 76% and 36% higher than Qualcomm & # 39; s Snapdragon 845 and 855 that have not yet been released.

Regarding the specific upgrade of the camera, "Bloomberg" did not mention, but interestingly, for the previous British media that the new 6.5 iPhone version of the new iPhone is called iPhone XS Plus, "Bloomberg" means that Apple is called internally " It's also pretty tricky and can release the word "Plus" and call it the iPhone XS to improve the feel of "iPhone X-successor." Just because the name of the new iPhone has changed many times, why the final name may not be known before the Apple presentation has been revealed.

The news also revealed that although the launch of three new machines was the first case for Apple, Apple employees still consider this year as the "S" year of the past, meaning they do not have to change their appearance significantly, but only to upgrade the internal performance. Because of this design concept, Apple seems to be inclined to use the word & # 39; S & # 39; in the new product name and wait for the new product to be completely redesigned in 2019.

Other news

"Bloomberg" also broke the news, referring to the 6.5 吋 iPhone, because it has the largest screen of the iPhone, introduces for the first time the "Double Window" multiplex function similar to iPad and Android mobile phones, such as the simultaneous display of the e-mail and calendar on the screen. paragraph App. 6.5 吋 iPhone will also be the best rated iPhone this year, but the price will be "just" comparable to iPhone X, and will not be offered a higher price.

As for the other upgrades of the new iPhone, it is similar to the saying in the market in the past, for example, the new iPhone supports dual SIM cards (specific area + two large screen versions), and a glass back and stainless steel frame ; 6.1 The iPhone version will take the design of the colorful back of the glass to enhance the sales argument, but the frame will be replaced by an aluminum alloy, and the color matching will not be the same as the back; 6.1 吋 iPhone prices will be relatively parity.

In addition, 5.8 6.1, 6.1 吋, 6.5 iPhone three iPhones will also make full use of the iPhone X Appearance and Face ID. Among them, 5.8 吋, 6.5 吋 is equipped with OLED panels, while the 6.1 吋 version will use LCD.

"Bloomberg" also unveiled new products at the September conference, including a new generation of Apple Watch Series 4, two iPad Pro. Like the iPhone, the new Watch will also have a narrow bezel design that remains compatible with the existing version of the strap, the iPad Pro will be available in 11 "and 12.9" versions, with a narrow edge and Face ID. Unfortunately, Bloomberg also broke the news that the iPad mini will not be updated this year.

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