Foreign media: the old forgotten Mac mini and MacBook Air are being upgraded this year.

There are rumors that Apple will update the Mac mini product line this year. Bloomberg reported the last details of the product on the 21st as well as the legendary 13 吋 MacBook Air news.

According to the report, Apple & # 39; s updated Mac mini will focus on professional users, similar to other professional Mac models, and higher specifications mean higher prices:

According to people familiar with the case, Apple is still planning to launch the Mac mini for the first time in four years. This is a Mac computer with a speed of $ 500 without a screen, keyboard and mouse. This model is popular with users for lower sales prices, especially for app developers, users of home media centers and server cluster administrators. Apple's Mac mini this year will focus on professional users with new storage and processor options, which may be more expensive than the old ones.

Schiller said in an interview earlier last year that the Mac mini product line would be retained, but did not reveal any other details.

In addition to the Mac mini, Bloomberg has also shared 13 rumors of MacBook Air messages:

According to people familiar with the matter, the new notebook looks like the current MacBook Air, but the screen edge will be narrower. The screen stays at 13 吋 but offers a Retina screen with a higher resolution.

According to the usual procedure, when Apple publishes enough hardware products, it will generally choose to launch a Mac presentation in a month after the iPhone presentation in September. I hope that this year will still be the case.

(This article was reproduced by MacX, the original source: Apple)

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