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Figure 1: Diagram of the friDay wallet. (Figure / Far East Telecom offers)

▲ friDay wallet. (Figure / Far East Telecom offers)

Reporter Qiu Xinxin / Taipei Report

"Taipei Food Month" is about to start, Chinese Hami Wallet and far-reaching friDay will use action to pay for consumption, from September 1 to September 30 they will not only sign money but also signs. Multiple offers.

Chunghwa Telecom said that during the Taipei Food Month from September 1 to September 30, as long as you use the icash 2.0, all-in-one card, leisure card or tied China Trust credit card from Hami Wallet to feel the consumption, you have the opportunity to 10,000 Yuan Post gift card, Bluetooth audio and Hami Point of Chunghwa Telecom 1000 points are taken home. In addition, mobile phone icash 2.0, card, leisure card in the Taipei food month event awards, Hami Wallet also enjoy the lucky draw.

Far EasTone's friDay wallet also responds to the food monthly event. In September, the theme of the Taipei Food Month will be launched: from 1 September to 30 September, the public will only pay the friDay wallet in the designated food store to pay the full amount. The highest receives 22% supercilling rewards and every consumer can also take part in the 10,000 yuan postcards.

FarEasTone said friDay is the only e-wallet that spans the four e-ticket services at the same time. As long as the friDay wallet is successfully used with the NFC Sim card remotely, the e-ticket can be used to enjoy the e-ticket payment during the Taipei food month. activities.

The friDay wallet has recently grown enormously and has not only opened Sanchuang Life Park during the summer holidays, but also promoted the promotion with the New Taipei City Government (New North E from Pay) and the Taoyuan City Government (50% off the parking fee). Collaborate with Taipei Food Month (500 gourmet restaurants are expected to participate from September onwards and enjoy up to 22% of promotions).

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