Honda 2019 CR-V SENSING achieves the highest safety standards # 先进 (138513)

Since the introduction of the 5th generation Honda CR-V, the excellent main and passive safety design has significantly improved the safety of car owners and pedestrians. According to the statistics of the Insurance Development Center: thanks to the introduction of the "Smart Security Active and Passive Protection Honda SENSING System" and the introduction of various active and passive safety materials, the Honda models have excellent safety. "The introduction of Honda SENSING makes the bodywork insurance The frequency of losses was significantly lower than the total market for small cars, a decrease of 68% The advanced primary and passive safety design of the 5th generation Honda CR-V has the Ultimate security protection built above the same level and has won the recognition and support of 20,000 owners.

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From 16 October, Honda CR-V has once again recreated the ultimate safety legend of the SUV with the leader's attitude. The "2019 CR-V" will be fully equipped with the "Honda SENSING" and "6SRS" Smart Security Active Protection System. which are highly praised by customers. Additional airbags and other equipment provide up to 23 active and passive safety features for owners. The active and passive safety upgrade of the CR-V VTi-S, in addition to the standard Honda SENSING and 6 SRS extra airbags, the LaneWatchTM blind spot monitoring system, high beam automatic switching system and raindrop induction automatic wiper are standard features. Honda's highest technological security standards.

The "2019 CR-V" is equipped with a 1.5L VTEC turbocharged engine with turbocharger to create the leading 193 hp super powers, a torque of 24.8 kgm and a fuel consumption of 14.6 km / l: body strength and weight reduction for all models The combination of the advanced technology of Inner Frame and the bodywork of the steel structure of ACE, the high strength steel up to 1.470 MPa, for an unbeatable body structure.

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From 20 October, the "2019 CR-V" will be officially launched in the Honda Cars, offering the best choice for the domestic SUV market by outperforming the safety of its peers. 1.5 VTi-S price NT $ 1.03 million, 1.5 S price NT $ 11.3 million.

CR-V is firmly in the first leading brand SUV, the cumulative sales number reaches SUV level NO.1

Since the introduction of the CR-V of the 5th generation last year, it is very popular with consumers with its excellent quality and merchandise power. It has ignited a sales madness and stepped into tens of thousands of orders within three months of offering. Annual sales performance is closer to 18,000 units. The cumulative sale has yielded more than 20,000 units and the 5th generation CR-V has created excellent sales performance with its excellent product strength. The number of consecutive sales in the following year has set a historic record, this year SUVs will be in September collected. The champion of the NO.1 class, the first leading brand of Taiwan SUV.

Fully equipped with a full range of active safety systems, such as Honda SENSING to create a full range of safety protection, the loss of Honda loss is reduced by 68%

According to the statistics of the Insurance Development Center: thanks to the introduction of the "Smart Security Active and Passive Protection Honda SENSING System" and the introduction of various active and passive safety materials, the Honda models have an excellent safety, making Honda in 2017 the car -car body insurance for the domestic brand. The project with loss percentages achieved good performance. According to statistics, the introduction of Honda SENSING ensures that the vehicle insurance loss frequency of the vehicle-mounted models is much lower than the general market for self-sized passenger cars, and that the loss rate is reduced by 68%. It replaces many owners to save every accident caused by the driver's fault. The average maintenance costs of 38,000 yuan show the excellent performance of the Honda SENSING safety function: the "LKAS Lane Maintenance Assistance System" is the only safety and intelligent functional system on the market.

The "2019 CR-V" will be fully upgraded with active safety equipment and will be equipped with up to 23 active and passive safety support technologies, including the "Honda SENSING Smart Safety and Active Protection System", which is equipped with advanced technology and newly developed technology . The standard for safety specifications. CR-V VTi-S is more fully upgraded in active and passive safety."Honda SENSING Smart Security Active Protection System", "6 SRS Aux Airbag", "LaneWatchTM Blind Spot Surveillance System", "High beam automatic shift system", "Rain inductive automatic wiper"Mention as standard equipment to achieve Honda's highest standards for safety technology.

Launch of a 1.5L VTEC turbocharged turbocharged engine to save fuel, fuel and carbon emissions, achieve excellent fuel economy, environmental performance and tax benefits

The 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo turbo engine on the Honda CR-V features the latest technology from the Earth Dreams Technology technology group, creating zero-hysteresis and superior strength across the same class, with a maximum HP output of 193 PS and 24.8 kg. -m & # 39; s abundant torque; advanced technology to improve the engine inlet and exhaust efficiency, and the cooling and combustion efficiency of the valve system, coupled with excellent CVT transmission without transmission, lightweight bodywork, resulting in an average fuel consumption of 14.6 km / L; high-speed fuel consumption of 17.69 km / L; urban fuel consumption of 11.17 km / L; 5 generations of CR-V cumulative sales of 20,000 customers in total use kilometers of approximately 150 million kilometers compared to the previous generation of engines saved a total of 3.36 million liters Fuel consumption, 100 million yuan of fuel and 7.53 million kilos of CO2- emissions have achieved excellent fuel consumption and environmental performance.

The perfect balance between the evolutionary power of Honda CR-V and fuel efficiency offers customers the benefits of self-confidence, environmental protection, energy saving and load.

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All-round vision Stunning appearance, comfortable space and advanced technology interface guide you all the way

The Honda CR-V is combined with wing-shaped array LED headlights, inline tail lights and daytime running lights to make the overall line contour sharper and avant-garde;Smart Entry Smart Through Opening and Closing System,Push Start system for opening and closing the engine,Walk – Road leaves the direct lock functionUse advanced technology to create high quality and convenience. In the interpretation of driving information it is equipped with a full-color "TFT LCD instrument", designed by Qiaosi, and an audio-host of the 7-inch touch-type to integrate the common driving interface of the driver in driving. There is a lot of help, but it also increases the sense of advanced technology. The Honda CR-V (S-class) has a panoramic electric sunroof and an electric tailgate with its own opening height, which improves the stronger technical texture and clear and convenient interface. Honda CR-V is proud of Honda's concept of "MM thinking – maximizing human space and minimizing mechanical space" to create a comfortable, roomy cabin and easy-to-use superior storage.

The 2019 CR-V not only continues with outstanding dynamic performance, safety protection, advanced astonishing looks, superior texture and excellent spacious and comfortable space lighting, but also surpasses the ultimate safety of the same level SUV, giving new value to the family. .

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