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Buying the market for the live cabinets and guiding the funds of the insurance sector to stay in Taiwan. In the symposium last Friday, the purchasing center of the cabinet took the initiative to fight for the gold management committee, in the hope that the insurance sector will invest in the shares and calculate the RBC risk factor of the insurance sector. It is possible to apply a lower risk factor to the listed shares, which reduces the capital structure of the insurance sector and increases the willingness of the insurance sector to invest in equities.
According to current regulations, the risk factor of the insurance sector that invests in inventories is 0.3, which is much higher than the 0.2165 of the listed shares, making the purchasing center of the closet extremely unreasonable.

At the Baofa Center filed for investigation

That is, if the insurance sector invests 10 billion yuan in equities, he must prepare 3 billion yuan capital for the calculation of RBC, but to buy listed shares, he only needs to 2.1 billion Yuan Capital, on the other hand, can make the life insurance sector less willing to invest in equities.
It is understood that last week the Hardware Management Association and the brokerage forum, Chen Yongcheng, chairman of the Cabinet procurement committee, the director of the financial management committee Gu Lixiong have proposed that the risk factor of investments in the insurance sector in the stocks from the counters can also be compared with the listed shares. Distinguished, the current Gu Lixiong said that this should be left at the Baofa Center for discussion.
The bar was also bought by the Golden Management Committee a few days ago, and it is thought that leading the insurance sector to invest in the inventory counters can achieve the goal of investing small and medium-sized enterprises. encourage. More than 20% of business listings are eligible for listing. Choose to purchase an entry in the cabinet and think it is loose.
According to past practice, the Insurance Development Center will review the RBC at the end of the year, the fastest application is next year, but market participants believe that the share of investment in the life insurance sector is high and whether it is the risk factor of stocks on the counter will decrease. Perhaps it should be considered again.

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