International political and economic situation is not stable Taiwan shares monthly golden cross Apple Daily

The United States was affected by the uncertainties and trade problems in the November interim elections. The four most important indexes on Friday were relatively flat. "Chip manufacturer Intel said that it has enough production to meet its annual revenue target and increase its capital expenditures by $ 1 billion." After the outbreak, it rose sharply, winning 3.07%, while AMD was hit by this news and Fell 5.22%.

Last Friday, the Taiwanese shares continued their earnings in early trading, but the strength of the US dollar index was strengthened again. The market worried about the lack of willingness to pursue the price. In addition, the recent counterattacks gathered a lot adjustments in sales pressure, which meant that the end of the season showed a checkout trend. For a long time the 5th line was broken. Fortunately, during the late trade TSMC, Hon Hai, MediaTek, Formosa Plastics, Sinosteel and financial stocks were canceled. If the card was lost, it ended 27 points and closed at 11006 points. 137.2 billion.

From a technical point of view, the index rose more and retreated, closing on the 5th line, but should pay attention to the K-value indicator in the KD turned into a recession, there may be a possibility to move down, plus foreign futures more than a single reduction of the code 5,372 mouths, net long single-port number 3,1973, the spitting purchase was reduced to 2,548 billion yuan, the attitude of foreign capital is not clear, Taiwan shares may put the pressure on short time limit. However, the current golden cross of the monthly line, coupled with the continued rebound of the mainland stocks, as long as the foreign capital does not appear to be significantly empty, the research index may be attacked after the shock consolidation, with a challenge of the 8/30 highlight of 11186 points.

Last Friday the performance of cement and some electronic shares was relatively good, but the shares were clearly dynamic and the money was clearly transferred from production and biotechnology to electronic shares. Possibilities are reflected in turn. This week you can draw attention to the good sales in September and the shares with excellent results in the third quarter of the future, together with the stock selection strategy with more technical and chip side. (Chen Chen / Taipei Report)

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