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Since iOS 12 was released on WWDC in June of this year, I can see that Apple is actively trying to make WWDC play more functions. One of the most obvious features that many users feel is that Siri can also switch the flashlight for iPhone on and off. Then there is no need to check through the notification center, but in fact Apple did not mention this feature in the iOS 12 presentation until a Twitter user asked questions.

Hidden tricks for iOS 12: Siri can also quickly turn the flashlight on and off

Twitter user @Paul Alvarado asked Apple's three senior officials on the 22nd, namely CEO Cook, senior vice president of network software services Eddy Cue and senior vice president Philip Schiller (@pschiller) wrote:

"Why can not I get Siri to turn the iPhone flash on or off? Seriously, this feature is limited and I'm pretty disappointed in Siri."

Unexpectedly, I received a rather unexpected answer. Phil Schiller responded by telling him: "Siri controls the flashlight switch on iOS 12" and has also attached a Siri screen. This feature has been discovered by most users: initially iOS 12 supported this standard Siri switch torch function. This new feature has again attracted attention (Jailbreak users will definitely want to turn their eyes).

How to turn flashlight education on or off via Siri

This tutorial uses the iOS 12 Beta version, which is also available in later official releases.

Some users will discover why I can not call Siri via "嘿 Siri ~"? Did Siri not respond? First check if the model is supportive and support 嘿 Siri for the latest models such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPad Pro (9.7 吋). Support, if you want to support the old model, you can only use the transmission line to recharge, or the plug-in that can be used without jailbreak without the transmission line.

If all conditions are already supported or if you can not use Siri, you can solve it in the following ways.

Teaching skills: how does Siri not respond? Solve these pairs of moves quickly

Method 1

Say: "嘿 Siri ~ turn on the flashlight", "turn off the flashlight".

Method 2

Say: "嘿 Siri ~ open flashlight", "turn off the flashlight".

Method 3

Say: "嘿 Turn on Siri ~ flash light", "Turn off flash light".

Via the above three methods you can control the flash light switch for SiOS on SiOS, but many users will have a question. Why does Apple always keep it on iOS 12? This is the custom of Apple, the feature will always be added slowly and will be implemented in the new version, which is another strategy to force users to upgrade to the new version of iOS.

As far as Apple Watch is concerned, how do you turn on the flashlight? You can read more about this: "Apple Watch can also be used as a flashlight trick".

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