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Apple CEO Cook recently stated that "job-hopping users" is one of the reasons for the growth of iPhone users, but the PCMag survey of the foreign media showed that the major incentive to move from the iPhone to the Android phone to jump "the price is cheaper". To say the bone, it is getting poorer; The switch from the Android camp to the iPhone is primarily intended for the 'better user experience'.

According to the survey, 2,500 US smartphone users participated in the competition, from the iPhone to Android phones, the "better user experience" accounted for the highest percentage of 30%, followed by "cheaper prices," accounting for 29%. Other reasons are: more apps (6%), better customer service (5%), faster software updates (1%).

As far as the track-hopping iPhone version of the Android user is concerned, the main reason is that the "better user experience" accounted for 47%. It may be that the Android machine on the lowest level was used to convert high-end machines, so the iPhone was changed and another 25% thought the iPhone was better. Body size.

In addition, the survey also showed that 33% of consumers buy mobile phones, and 26% notice, only 19% of users use mobile phones to purchase mobile phones.

(China Times Newsletter)

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