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Central News Finance / NOWnews
Central News Finance / NOWnews

(Central News Agency reporter Jiang Mingwei, Taipei, 19th) Apple iPhone XS series will be on the 21st, Deyi digital said the first wave of online bookings this year the first time increased by 20% to 30% compared with the same period last year, optimistic about encouraging female customers to grow 2 Cheng, boosting the overall performance of the iPhone is expected to grow by 30%.

Apple's new iPhone XS series will be available for purchase on Friday, February 21, next to Apple Store, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Big Brother, Far EasTone, Taiwan Star, Asia Pacific Telecom and other five major telecom operators and Deyi, Tsann Kuen, Studio A Apple distribution channel operators are fully prepared for the fight, each out of the odds to hold a sales ceremony to grab fruit powder.

Zhao Yinan, general manager of Deyi Digital, said today that the first online golf bookings this year is indeed 2 to 30% better than in the same period last year. Currently the 256GB gold of the iPhone XS Max is the best selling, it is the mainstream of the purchase of fruit powder, the iPhone XS 64GB. Gold is in third place, iPhone XS 256GB gold and the initial demand for 512 GB is also pretty much.

Because Deyi also offered exclusive discounts for department stores, optimistic about boosting the growth of female customers by 20%, the overall performance of the iPhone is expected to increase by 30%, and the first quarter of 2018 is expected to grow 30% faster than in the same period last year.

In proportion he said that 56% of the boys in the first series chose orders for iPhoneXS Max and 59% of the girls bought iPhone XS. Former iPhone 6s users up to 60% are expected to settle the biggest change in the past year, and the iPhone through the old machine to offset the purchase of 25%, a significant increase over the past.

Zhao Yinan is of the opinion that the first observation of Deyi's appointment for Max is more demanding, but the iPhone XS still has a standard hard disk replacement and is also optimistic about the performance of the cheaper iPhone XR.

Given the number of goods, Zhao Yinan noticed that the iPhone XS series has more charge than the iPhone X, but it is similar to the iPhone 8. According to the past, the first batch of orders can be digested within about 2 weeks if the arrival volume is normal is and the Mid-Autumn Festival also There was a new wave. (Editor: Guo Pingying) 1070919

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