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Apple's new iPhone XS series will be on sale on the 21st, the five major telecom operators will have a hot sales atmosphere, the industry is optimistic that the arrival volume is significantly better than that of the previous generation aircraft, expected to will meet the first wave of purchase demand.

Apple & # 39; s new iPhone XS series is on sale on the 21st of this day. In addition to Apple stores, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Big Brother, Far EasTone, Taiwan Star, Asia Pacific Telecom and other five telecom operators and Deyi, Tsann Kuen, Studio An Apple distribution channel operator is fully prepared for the fight, each of the weird moves to a Sales ceremony to grab fruit powder.

As more than 60% of consumers in Taiwan still buy telecom channels, it is expected that telecom operators will remain the main battlefield for iPhone sales. Telecom operators also look forward to the growth of the average contribution (ARPU) per household due to the appeal of the iPhone.

The channel industry pointed out that this arrival is more abundant than the previous generation iPhone X, and is expected to meet the first wave of demand for purchases. Because of the large price of Apple's total products, it is expected that the 499 will eat the user to upgrade the purchase.

The sale of the iPhone by Chunghwa Telecom started at the 11th year, this year it will be held at 7:38 am in Xinyiweiximen, and more than 560 appointed outlets and the official website of Chunghwa Telecom will be on the same day for sale.

Chunghwa Telecom has also announced that it will join hands with the Taiwan fitness brand World Gym, buying the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) version and having the opportunity to receive a free fitness membership for a year. receive.

Far EasTone also held a sales event at the Xinyi Weixiu Direct Store on the morning of the 21st. On the same day, the site planned the "Red Characters on the Field" to be happy. The fruit powder placed in the queue was dressed as a "red character" or dressed in a red dress. Spider-Man, Red Girl or Crab Boss are selected for the "Best Dress Up Award" on the live ticket.

For the hardcore fruit powder that was in the queue the night before, the far-reaching & # 39; overnight package & # 39; included, including the friDay video serial number card and & # 39; Following Companion & # 39 ;.

In response to the iPhone's ability to change the tide this year, Telecom's top managers pointed out that Apple excluded three models of the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR in one go, but sold them in two phases, first satisfying high-end users, when there was a demand for parity. It is expected that it will stimulate the change of the tide.

The Taiwan Star has already carried out pre-order activities.The Golden iPhone XS 512GB was sold in just 8 minutes.The pre-order speed is 4 times faster than the iPhone X. 71% opt for iPhone XS Max and capacity 256 GB for more than 40 %.

According to the statistics after the activity of the external limited reservation, the iPhone XS Max has a reserve ratio of up to 50% and the capacity is 256 GB for most users, accounting for almost 60% of the total reservation.Also gold is the most popular color for reserved users. Receive more than 50% of the appointments and then the gray space is about 30%.

(Author: Jiang Mingyan, first – Source: Apple)

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