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Although it has not officially left the folklore month, some car manufacturers have already started the layout in advance, ready to sprint sales in the second half of the year. TOYOTA has announced the launch of the special version of Safety + for the Altis car this month, and free upgrades including navigation systems, including more than 100,000 yuan, limited edition Two hundred vehicles: Taiwan has upgraded the code for the cross-border HR-V travel brigade and the value of 30,000 yuan inductive safety technology upgraded free.

TOYOTA has published the information about the special edition of Altis Safety + on the official website. Under the condition of no price increase, the safety equipment of the salary-increasing navigation system, the surround image assistant system and the accompanying driving system are limited to 200 vehicles and the entire car is also the first year. Theft insurance and guarantee schemes are extended to 5 years or 140,000 kilometers. The same long-awaited TOYOTA hatchback AURIS will be officially released on the 10th. It has already started with the pre-order price of 879,000 yuan, and the press conference is also expected to announce the official price, which will continue to attract the attention of the market.

As far as Taiwan Honda is concerned, it also launched a free upgrade of the safety equipment for the popular small crossover SUV HR-V, including the integration of "front detection radar", "postdetection radar", "BSI warning system for blind spot detection", "LCA" The sensor protection system of the Lane Change Warning System, the RCTA reversing warning system and the DOW warning system for opening doors is worth almost 30,000 yuan. (Zhu Zhengting / Taipei Report)

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