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Leave the annoying thread! HTC releases VIVE Wireless Module Open Pre-order

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HTC officially announced on August 21 the opening of the Vive wireless module at Gamescom, and Vive users will be able to enjoy the experience of the virtual reality world.


The wireless experience has always been the goal of the leading manufacturers of display screens, in the past users had to connect the mainframe with cables and the inconvenience was used. This time HTC VIVE has released this wireless module and users never need to "figh" with the wire. VR immersion experience. Worldwide pre-orders will be launched on September 5 and pre-orders in Taiwan will be announced later.

Daniel O & # 39; Brien, General Manager, HTC Vive USA: "Thanks to Intel and DisplayLink, we have worked with us to combine technical expertise to provide the best wireless VR experience Vive has never seen."

As long as the user installs a PCI-e card and a sensor on the computer, the sensor is connected to the new VIVE head-mounted display with a connection range of 6 meters. The sensor has a field of view of 150 degrees and offers a low delay. and super performance performance, while the VIVE wireless module will be equipped with a mobile power supply, powered by HTC QC 3.0 fast-charging mobile power, mobile phones can also be used.

To celebrate the launch of the VIVE wireless module, the purchase of the VIVEPORT subscription-free service, including the horror game Seeking Dawn, has more than 500 applications that users can experience.

The VIVE wireless module costs NT $ 9,450 and the wireless module is available for VIVE and VIVE Pro in just a few minutes. At the same time, Vive Pro users need an additional connection kit for wireless modules that includes a VIVE cable, a cotton pad and VIVE Pro-specific accessories. The recommended price for the wireless module connection kit is NT $ 2150.

Global pre-orders were opened on September 5 and launched on September 24, and Taiwan's pre-order news was announced later.

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