Lin Yizhen resigns as seat of Ou Baobao, passed through the IPO of Green Technology blocked by his company |钜 亨 网 – Taiwan Stock News

Game developer Ou Buyhao (3687-TW) to invest today in the electronic payment platform Ou Fubao (22) announced that President Lin Yizhen resigned as a member due to personal factors, with the proviso that Lin Yizhen's resignation as director is due to Ou Buy. Green Technology, which is 100% owned by Oufubao Holdings, will submit an application for the company this year and is expected to be listed at the counter before the end of next year. Line Yizhen has been sued in April this year in violation of the Securities Exchange Act. Do not dismiss the chair.

Lin Yizheng is also a member of Ou Buyu and Ou Baobao, and because it received no royalties in the game platform that was built in 2012, Ou Biao's turnover fell by 5 to 60%. Lin Yizhen passed the head before the news was released. In the open market the company sold shares and avoided losing more than 60 million yuan. In April this year it was prosecuted by the Taipei Municipal Inspection and Quarantine Office for violating the Securities Exchange Act, but it is not yet heard first.

It is clear that the resignation of Lin Yizhen as Chairman of the Board is due to the fact that Green World Technology, which is 100% owned by Oufubao & # 39; s Oufubao Holdings, will apply for the Cabinet this year and to expected to appear at the desk at the end of next year.

However, because Dong Duolin's case is full of legal proceedings, it is not appropriate to state in the terms of the cabinet that "the company or the director, supervisor, general manager or substantive person responsible for the application is the principle of has violated good faith in the past three years ". All three brokers indicated that they could not sign a contract and therefore Lin Yizhen had to resign as a seat to protect Greentech technology.

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