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Earlier announced the official operation of its own cryptocurrency exchange BITBOX, the first wave of supportBitcoinIn addition to 28 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin, it is confirmed that it will be integrated within the service.LINEOwn "currency". Previously, LINE also announced that it will implement a cryptocurrency called LINK at BITBOX and will operate via the LINK Chain blockchain network, the majority of which will be used as currency in the LINE ecosystem.


According to LINE, the LINK cryptocurrency can be redeemed in regular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which itself can be used as a reward in the LINE service ecosystem, while LINE expects to spend 1 billion LINK cryptocurrencies for circulation, of which 800 million will be distributed. are distributed to users to participate in different LINE services, and the 200 million group will be retained by the BITBOX operator, LINE Singapore subsidiary LINE Tech Plus, and used as a flexible application.

As far as the LINK cryptocurrency is concerned, it is not sold as a currency and therefore can not be traded via BITBOX (mainly subject to current regulations). It can only be used in the service content promoted by LINE, or converted to other cryptocurrencies, but LINE wants to use it. LINK cryptocurrencies can be used as LINE points and can be used for content, games, communities or companies.


Previously, LINE announced that it will "reform" all types of network services with the blockchain and then promote the "LINE Token Economy", which will be developed automatically.Blockchain technologyThe own & # 39; currency & # 39; LINE is integrated into the service and the service is continuously optimized through feedback, which generates more positive loops.

However, due to restrictions on digital currency restrictions in different regions, BITBOX currently offers cryptocurrency trading services that are only available to users outside of restricted areas such as the United States, Japan and China.

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