Looking at the trade war between the US and China, Taiwan's equities recovered and investments were eligible for high-interest interest groups

Stocks in Taiwan opened lower today (24) and had a shock of 10,800 points. The final index fell by 53 points and closed 10,809 points, with sales of only 96.2 billion yuan, even less than 100 billion yuan on three days. the legal entity said that the shares of this year The repeat annual renewal period of four years recovered. It is clear that the support of the stock market in Taiwan will be strong. If there is no bearish impact in the future international market, the stable annual line still be expected.The layout of the investment will pay attention to the stocks with low volatility and high cash yield.

Given the current disk, the weight is plasticized only and the financial community has performed, but it has not been able to continue the rebound. The passive component group that has been reduced has increased considerably. Regarding the recent performance of the textile, steel and other transit stocks Adjust the sales pressure.

Zhou Shuxuan, the manager of the richest fund of Franklin Huamei, said that after the index of the 13th long black K-line broke the support of the moving average, it was still sorted near the annual line. In the near future there was a lack of regular shares and many parties focused on the operation of the mass production group. The line is still weak, in combination with the global situation, there are variables, the funds continue to wait and see, the trade volume for three consecutive trading days is less than 100 billion.

At the moment, the United States has imposed a tariff on the $ 200 billion of goods from China. The market has a wait-and-see atmosphere, considering the wide range of problems, especially electronic products. Zhou Shuxuan proposed to maintain the current strategy. with attention to low volatility and cash yield. High stocks.

Moreover, China's environmental policy has become stricter, supply is being suppressed and raw materials are rising, cement and steel groups are relatively supportive, textile stocks can be selected during the trade negotiations between the US and China, benefiting from the transfer effect; The low-priced raw material stock has a favorable advantage and the quotation reflects the increase of the upstream raw materials and the overall profit continues to improve.

As far as the peak season of electronic shares is concerned, the performance of one of the indicators is still being revised and the optical weight of one of the indicators is being revised to below the annual liberalization. Due to the low cost and price adjustment of components, the supply chain will come under pressure, and the market for smartphones tends to Saturated, the need to change the machine remains to be seen, Apple's new products are concentrated in the second half of the year, the purchasing power of the market is also variable, the relevant shares must still be cautious.

As far as the group of passive components is concerned, Zhou Shuxuan believes that the contrast between the share price and the performance of the financial report is mainly on the chip side. After the share price has been corrected by a major reversal, it is worthwhile to observe the space.

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