MOTO pushes the "Liu Hai" mid-range new machine! The shooting of foreign media: the most shameless iPhone X impersonator

The image is MOTO P30 on the left and iPhone X on the right. (Photo taken from Macrumors)

Lenovo & # 39; s Motorola has recently launched a new machine "MOTO P30" on the Chinese market, equipped with 6.2 "" Liu Hai "full screen, Qualcomm S636 processor, 12 million pixels front lens, 16 million paintings on the back of the machine The double lens of +5 million pixels is arranged vertically and the fingerprint reader is ingeniously combined with the MOTO logo with LOGO logo.

Because of the appearance of this new machine, the appearance of the pony from the front and the double lens on the back on the iPhone X, and the body's color similar to the gradient blue of the Huawei P20 flagship machine, the elements of purple-green color also look very similar, leaving the phone, after was published, prompted criticism from foreign media and foreign well-known technology bloggers, and was disappointed by Motorola's ability to innovate.

The left side of the figure is iPhone X and the right side is MOTO P30. (Photo taken from Macrumors)

Moreover, there are many netizens at the China Mobile Forum who believe that the plagiarism of this mobile phone is even higher than that of Xiaomi 8, and it is approved as the cottage version of iPhone X.

Foreign technology blogger Marques Brownlee tweeted the slogan "MOTO P30 is by far the most shameless plagiarism in the history of mobile phones." Foreign media The Verge said that "MOTO P30" is like brushing Huawei P20 Color Gradient for the iPhone X; Ironically, The Verge reports that when the phone uses the Google AI Smart Lens App to scan the "MOTO P30" phone image, it is also recognized as iPhone X.

Recently, Motorola released the introduction of the mid-range new machine MOTO P30 in China. (Photo taken from Macrumors)

Recently, Motorola launched the introduction of the new machine MOTO P30 in China. (Photo taken from Macrumors)

(Photo taken from Macrumors)

MOTO P30, currently only introduced on the Chinese market, built-in 3000mAh battery capacity, stand-alone price of 2099 yuan, about NT $ 9.500.

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