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▲ ▼ Google. (Photo / Reuters)

▲ Search engine giant Google. (Photo / Reuters)

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Since the beginning in 1998, Google has maintained its own business of adhering to virtue. The business goal is to "make the world a better place." Due to dissatisfaction at the time, it was easy to withdraw from the Chinese market in 2010. Foreign media, however, pointed out that Google is changing its minds and is trying to design a censored search engine for the Chinese market through a project called Dragonfly.

The New York Times reported that Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have told investors in 2004 that the company's ethical standards are simply "do not be bad" and that long-term value is better than short-term The financial benefits are more important. However, the parent company of Google, Alphabet, recently removed "do not do evil" in the code of conduct, showing that the lofty sentiments of the past have changed.

In 2010, when Google operated in China, it was removed from the Chinese market because of dissatisfaction and constant censorship. But now Google seems to change its opinion, not just by tricks, but during the previous staff meeting, company director Sundar Pichai said "the search engine will not be launched immediately", but defended the company's efforts to open up the Chinese market. Efforts made.

The report pointed out that Sandal's words have business concerns, because if the world's largest internet company leaves the largest online market in the world, it's a step too crazy, especially Google's competitors such as Microsoft and Amazon are active in China. .

People who are in favor of online freedom are concerned that if Google returns to China, this will have dangerous consequences. Ben Wizner, director of the Center for Speech, Privacy and Technology of the American Civil Liberties Union, said that Google is in principle responsible for the shareholders and the profit and loss figures, and it is right to judge them according to the standards set by the company itself have been established.

A Google spokesman said through a statement that it would not comment on future speculation. However, the top leaders of the company are discussing whether a return to the Chinese market will be a moral turnaround. In an article, Google pointed out that filtering search results clearly affects the company's mission, but if you can not offer Google search services to a fifth of the world's population, the consequences will be more serious.

The report pointed out that if Google returns to China, it must accept a new censorship system. Rebecca MacKinnon, a think-tank advocate for the new American online think tank, said: "The world is becoming more and more like China." In fact, people who advocate freedom of expression and human rights have long believed that Google is an ally. For big setbacks.

Rebecca believes that if a company like Google gives up, thinking "this is the direction of the internet" and "If you can not beat them, then join in", this idea is very worrying. & # 39; New York & # 39; finally pointed out that it is not known whether Google can meet China's censorship in a non-traditional way while retaining its own soul, but the reasonable conclusion is that Google wants to challenge China and lose Google.

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