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With the advent of the money-free era, the amount of credit card spending is the majority. According to FCC statistics today (2018) reached a record high in the history of the year, with a monthly credit card amount of 298.2 billion yuan, and each cardholder has an average of 3.9 credit cards. It is clear that the credit card has become the main tool for the Chinese to pay, and the expert gives three steps to use the card, the first to select the credit card that suits you according to the bulk consumption project, the second to the credit card. -brand card for the e-ticket to choose and the third to pay the full card fee on time. . Financial comparison platform said that the biggest feature of credit card and cash, financial card, e-ticket (youyou card, card, icash, HAPPY CASH) is that the credit card can delay the payment, the operating mode is based on the credit card of every bank that issued a card. The status approval credit line, within the credit limit, the consumption of the cardholder of each card will be forwarded to the merchant by the issuing bank, after which the cardholder pays the card fee to the bank.

In addition, most people use credit cards instead of cash payments to earn relevant credit card feedback. Frequently used credit card offers currently on the market include cash, mileage, bonus discounts, movie offers, tank discounts, installment interest cards 0, restaurant discounts and more.

In light of a wide range of credit card offers, how do people make good use of credit cards and smart consumption? offers 3 steps per credit card. Including the first, first billing to understand their own consumption characteristics, and then according to the majority of the consumer project to choose the right credit card.

For example, the Xiaoheng family of 3, 30% of the monthly income is used to pay for insurance, savings and other insurance premiums, 25% for daily meals and entertainment expenses, 5% for commuting and fuel, and 3% for water. , electricity, cable TV, telephone, 25% of the payment of the mortgage or rent, the remainder for investments, savings.

In these circumstances, there is the definition of "general consumption" that does not meet the general card with cash feedback, such as premium, water, electricity, internet, telephone, etc., no feedback, but there are still special cards on the market to give feedback, such as The State Digital Card provides 2% feedback on the payment of fees and cable TV from Chunghwa Telecom Taishin @ GoGo cards can also be paid via the new payment platform, which can also provide 1.5% feedback For premiums and general expenses for home entertainment you can choose Standard Chartered Cash Reward. Royal Leica, up to 1.88% cashback.

Secondly, you choose the co-branded card from the e-ticket. The credit card offer can be "1 + 1 + 1". In addition to feedback from the issuing bank, a credit card also offers discounts from international card issuers and e-tickets. At present there are mainly four international card issuers in China, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB and American Express, who offer reservations according to the card, buy five-star hotel afternoon tea, get one for free, airport transfer discount, airport lounge, secretarial service, etc. People can visit the official website of the international card issuer to learn more about their rights.

In addition, the public can also opt for a co-branded card issued by four e-ticket companies, such as a co-branded leisure card, a card co-branded card, an icash co-branded card, etc. The focus of the public inquiry, it is advisable to put on automatic feedback and e-ticket Paying a discount, such as paying a KFC package with a leisure card, often has a discount price.

Thirdly, it is the best policy to pay the full card fee on time. Many people indicate which credit card has a high cash back, but if the card contribution is not fully paid, it must pay a revolving credit rate of 3% to 15%. There will be a late fee and the credit score will be deducted. The conditions for handling cards, applying for mortgages and loans in the future will not be worth the loss.


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