Nokia 9 warm-up, there will be a press conference on August 21st Qooah

If you have a message about Nokia news, you should know that Nokia has not introduced a flagship machine in the true sense of cooperation with HMD. Although there were rumors that Nokia 9 came on the market last year, Nokia officially announced that it will hold a new product launch on the 21st.

As far as the new machine is concerned, the Nokia 9 official did not have many tips: it was just a simple text in the warm-up poster "Get ready to reveal the long-awaited phone." It is to be guessed that Nokia 9 is not an accident .

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According to the unveiling, configuration, the new machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, using screen fingerprint recognition technology, with the latest Android 9 Pie system. What is even more worthy of mention is that the lens will be very strong, and that the back will be placed next to two 16 megapixel lenses, and the front lens will be embedded in the top frame, which also makes the overall look feel beautiful .

Regarding the other details of the new machine, I look forward to the 21st launch of a new product. Finally, I swear for a year, I believe everyone is ready for Nokia 9.


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