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▲ Samsung Note 9's 10 new features first experience: the real flagship that meets the needs of fans. (Photo / reporter Hong Shengzhen)

▲ Galaxy Note9 sells too well, telecommunication three men offer discounts. (Photo / reporter Hong Shengzhen)

Reporter Qiu Xinxin / Taipei Report

After Samsung Galaxy Note9 opened a red record in various telecom pre-order activities, Telecom Sanxiong announced that it would add more code.Not only the monthly rental price has a price reduction, but also a domestic calling cost of 30,000 yuan. You can also enjoy the zero interest rate on the credit card and video platform video for free.

Chunghwa Telecom said that from tomorrow to September 30, as long as the monthly payment of more than 999 yuan, Galaxy Note9 128GB / 512GB and then 2,000 yuan. If you apply for the "New Select Purchase Plan" for more than 999 yuan per month, you can enjoy 22 banks to pay for the 24th period, the original purchase price of 2,000 yuan. Users can pre-order to enjoy the original gift S Pen stylus (market price 1,490 yuan), as the monthly payment of 1,399 yuan, plus code exclusive FOX + a year free to see (original price 2,388 yuan), mobile VIP mobile phone to 5,000 yuan.

Chunghwa Telecom exclusively launched the high-quality Galaxy Note9 512GB and presented the & # 39; New Machine Reproduce & # 39; insurance for mobile devices for the first year free monthly rent (market price 3,456 yuan), which corresponds to a maximum offer of more than 16,000 yuan super kills. In addition, the offer for the "New Select Purchase Plan" is more than 1,399 yuan, and you can enjoy almost 30,000 yuan in domestic call money. Chunghwa Telecom recalls that previously purchased customers can go to the Chunghwa Telecom stores to start the new Galaxy Note9 machine on August 24th.

To be able to work with Galaxy Note 9 on the market in Taiwan tomorrow, all consumers who have placed an order in advance or have applied for the purchase of Galaxy Note 9 can link the Taiwanese large 4G project. that is, the application for monthly payment of 1,399 yuan, as long as the first six months to pay 999 yuan, Taiwan's big plus code to send more than 30,000 yuan of domestic call charges, and my Video half-yearly video free view and other super-kill offers, the market is unique.

▼ Taiwan Gala Big Samsung Galaxy Note9 project costs. (Table / University of Taiwan offers)

▲ ▼ Taiwan Gala Big Samsung Galaxy Note9 project costs. (Table / University of Taiwan offers)

The University of Taiwan said that consumers who have purchased Galaxy Note 9 in advance will not only be able to take the lead in this powerful machine in the early days, but also tomorrow until September 30, Taiwan's biggest plus will be the biggest gift to send the market, including The people offer for the 4G designated project, with the 999 or higher rate (including the previous pre-purchased), all of them enjoy the monthly rent reduction of 400 yuan in the first 6 months, and the 1,399-type bid , the first half of the year plus 1,399 yuan in domestic costs for voice calls, 999 domestic voice calls are sent every month for the next 24 months, consumers save 32,370 yuan of domestic voice calls.

In addition, Taiwan's large sales Galaxy Note 9 also offers a number of special offers for users of the renewal, such as bidding for a designated project, exclusive plus code discount of up to 3,000 yuan, VIP renewal users up to 5,000 yuan; for renewal of old customers / carry Code users enjoy up to 10,000 yuan for prepayment, plus 1,500 yuan for myfone shopping discount coupons, as well as purchase accessories with a checkout amount of more than one hundred percent.

Far EasTone also said that as long as the telecom users bid for 1399 fares, the mobile phone will be discounted by 2,000 yuan, and that the Platinum members will renew the maximum of 5,000 yuan, and the death toll will exceed 20,000 yuan.

In addition, the Internet store starts at 10 a.m. in the morning on 8/22 and the limited price of the first 3 days is 3,000 yuan. The code / renewable exclusive gift of Google Play is 1,500 yuan and the card game is easy to buy . Not only that, the Far East also offered almost 30,000 yuan to Belgian nationals, and domestic calling costs amounted to 999 yuan during the contract period, allowing users to speak outside the city and city!

During the listing period, you can enjoy Samsung's original shopping bonus of 2,000 yuan. Before the end of August you will receive 18% online store gold for a limited time. The total value is a maximum of 7,560 yuan, making it easy for consumers to buy household items, biscuits for food or Can buy 3C accessories. Save money for the livelihood of the consumer.

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