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(Central News Agency reporter Jiang Minghao, Taipei, 22nd) Samsung's flagship machine Note 9 is pre-ordered to open a red drive in Taiwan. Telecom Sanxiong is open today for priority collection and has a large number of purchases, purchases, gold, OTT and call gold and hopes to stimulate high-end replacement. The tide, and increased the average contribution per household (ARPU) to rebound.

Telecommunication Sanxiong opened the Note 9 reservations today to give priority to consumers. Chunghwa Telecom has announced that Note 9 is well received. From today until September 30, the monthly payment of NT $ 999 or more, Note 9 128GB and 512GB versions be purchased. 2000 yuan, the original accessories shopping gold 2,000 yuan, as the monthly payment of 1399 yuan, plus code exclusive FOX + a year free to see. Chunghwa Telecom has exclusively launched the top-notch Note9 512GB, plus the insurance for mobile devices for the first year of free monthly rent, more than 1399 yuan, and enjoys nearly 30,000 yuan of domestic phone money.

Chunghwa Telecom said it is the only domestic telecom operator that sells Galaxy Note 9 and delivers 5CA (Carrier Aggregation). 5CA has been launched in the popular business districts of North, Central and South Taiwan. According to the NCC, the number of equipment from the base station of Chunghwa Telecom is the largest in Taiwan since 30 June, the number of 4G base station equipment will increase by 30% this year and the entire station will build more than one thousand 5CA base stations.

Taiwan's big brother pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 9 open red plate, with Taiwan's large 4G designated project, the first half of the monthly rent to kill 400 yuan, equivalent to the monthly payment of 1399 yuan, the first 6 months as long as the monthly payment of 999 yuan, Taiwan's big plus code Send more than 30,000 yuan to domestic call charges, as well as videos of half a year for free viewing and other offers.

In addition, the large-scale renewal users of Taiwan also offer a number of concessions, including bidding for specific projects, plus a discount of up to 3,000 yuan, VIP renewal users up to 5,000 yuan, renewal of old customers, code users plus 1,500 yuan to buy 1500 yuan myfone store discount. send Coupons and purchase accessories enjoy a discount of 100% on the settlement amount.

Far EasTone will exclusively launch the largest plus 60,000 yuan gift in history, including a high monthly fee of 1399 yuan for the bid, 2,000 yuan for the mobile phone plus 5,000 yuan for the renewal of the platinum member, and a 3,000 discount yuan for the specific time limit for the online store. , with the code and the extension of the exclusive gift of Google Play 150000 yuan shopping, and then nearly 30,000 yuan sacrificed call gold rebate, the monthly delivery cost of 999 yuan during the term of the contract, look forward to high-end fairs driving, and to lift the high rate program growth. (Editor: Li Xinkuan) 1070822

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