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Today's trading prospects

Taiwan September purchasing managers index

ISM processing index of the US September

Qan Tankan report from Bank of Japan

Eleven vacations, the mainland and the Hong Kong equity markets are closed

The law will say:Xinda
Share meeting:Zhao Hui
New shares listed:Yongzheng Investment Control
Termination of the offer:Yuan Fu Zheng, Guang Yao Ke, Jing Jing, Sheng Sunshine, Jin Yong, Qiang Qiang

Intel 10 nano has new developments Q4 boarding is still not in stock

Intel said that 10 nanometer production has made significant progress and production capacity will continue to increase, but it is believed that this will lead to the continued supply of the existing 14 nanometer CPU power supply. Not in stock, the notebook shipments of next year will show positive growth, but for Quanta (2382-TW), Compal (2324-TW) and other Taiwanese supply chain, this may not always be good news. Read the whole story …

Musk pays a fine arrangement and takes the place of Tesla SEC: in the best interests of investors

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Tesla (TSLA-US) CEO Mask for alleged securities fraud, a turning point, Musk agreed with the SEC, paid a fine and resigned as chairman of Tesla; SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said the results are "in the interests of the market and investors". Read the whole story …

"Taiwan stocks wind direction ball" glory in October, the election of the situation, the development of funds for parking financing is the key

Taiwan's shares successfully maintained the "110,000" level on Friday (28th) and closed at 11006.34, indicating that market confidence is slowly rising. "After the glory to be entered in October, the election is expected to remain warm, but many parties have short positions.Also waiting for opportunities, the fourth quarter of the market is expected to be supported by financial stocks to support the market, to provide a performance phase for individual equities, this week's observations focus on whether the parked resources in non-electricity will gradually switch to electronics and new electronic will be launched A wave of revivals, otherwise it's still a drive it will rise and fall … Read the whole story …

Global long-term hope for endurance equities Shares are better than debt

After the third quarter, the turbulence in the global stock market has intensified, but it is still in a solid pattern. "The main influencing factors are still the emotional interference caused by the Sino-US trade war." Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, the interference factors in the US remain unsolved. The election elections in the month are low and the market is expected to be low.The market expects the APEC meeting in mid-November. The Sichuan Learning Association is expected to make the impasse in the trade war.Therefore, the law is optimistic that the global longs are expected to continue in the fourth quarter and the shares are still relatively rewarding. The better assets, the United States is still the most optimistic market. Read the whole story …

<钜 亨 主笔 室> Be careful with the shortest move? ?

Why are share prices between companies different because of the general economic background, the strength and the development cycle, the industrial differences and the competitiveness between companies also differ, so it is difficult to understand the development in the long term. There are also various options for stock price evaluation to use the "market value ratio" or "benefit ratio". If you buy the market from Taiwan shares and unlisted cabinets, you will notice that it is also a small-cap share, but the "Size effect" is also different. Read the whole story …

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