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Lack of life insurance area blessing, coupled with the purchase of foreign cattle, the public shares of gold control assets scale all the way back. According to the latest statistics from the Financial Management Association, Shin Kong Gold (2888) in the second quarter of the size of gold management assets Mega Gold (2886) actually cut out, in fifth place. The top 5 gold audit tools ranked only one "public share" of Taiwanese gold, and the rest were private financial controls, indicating that the competitiveness and influence of public shares have been severe.
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The Ministry of Finance and Finance of the Ma government, once pushed the "Gongong Gong", called the first gold (2892) and Zhaofeng Jin as the seed of the father-in-law in the hope to reverse the public equity competition However, after the rotation of political parties, "the people go to the government", the current finance minister, Su Jianrong, only asks the "public shares to judge the father-in-law himself" and is it is not appropriate to actively intervene.

The rapid rise of private equity

The senior bank said that in the last 10 years private banks have been hurrying to get the market card, especially after private financial control was included in the life insurance card, it seemed like it the big pill was from the early Fubon Gold (2881) at Antai Life Insurance, and in recent years the development of gold (2883) also plans to include Zhongshou (2823) in the territory, so that the size of gold management assets will increase rapidly.
The financial officials said the scale of international banks was mainly perceived by the size of the assets.The size of the assets owned by the government and assets under management fell.This shows that the growth of the share capital assets is slow There is no rapid development of private banks and the influence of public financial management measures on the market. Also in the formula.
Gu Lixiong, the chairman of the Financial Management Committee, said in an exclusive interview with Apple that "public patriarchalism" is not only a market issue, but also a policy consideration, and an evaluation of the all-encompassing effect after the merger, even if it is "citizens". Society must also mature to face this problem, otherwise there will be many political associations.

The assets of Guotai Gold exceeded 9 trillion yuan, with which the leader of the domestic gold control was ranked. Datafoto

Public Stock Bank salary limit

Public stock competition is now a warning, Gu Lixiong believes that "salary is one of the reasons." He said that the incentives for private companies are very strong: how much performance and how much salary is given, but the public shares are limited, especially 100% of the units in state ownership, for example the monthly salary of the chairman of Taiwan Bank can Do not exceed finance, but the private director Long but not limited.
According to the annual report, the annual salary of a number of gold control riders and general director in private ownership has at least 10 million yuan to ascend. There are also many "100 million yuan" to discover, while the annual wage of each bank up to one million yuan, a difference of 10 times. above.
According to the information from the Financial Management Association, Taiwan Gold and Zhaofeng Gold gained the top and third rankings in 2008 in the top 5 Gold Control rankings, after only 10 years Taiwan Gold was ranked fourth, Zhaofeng Gold has been chased by Shin Kong Gold and officially removed from the top 5 list.
When Taiwan Gold was founded in 2008, the assets reached 3.76 trillion yuan, the first place in the gold control, but it was only after 6 years that it was followed by Cathay Financial and Fubon Gold and dropped to the third largest; In the second quarter of this year, the fourth was after Citic Gold (2891).

Development gold surpasses South China gold

and even Zhaofeng Gold, which is in the hands of "public share gains", although the asset size in the first quarter is still better than Xinguangjin, the second season was overtaken by Shin Kongjin and withdrew to 5 In addition to the name, Shin Kong Gold in fifth place, and the development fund to be included in Zhongshou, the second quarter also surpassed South China gold (2880), ninth place and only the first gold of the eighth biggest.
The figures show that in the past 10 years, after the scale of 16 gold-fighting assets was redistributed, the private gold control with life insurance cards all the way up and the first to be suppressed were all public funds.
Further analysis, these all-way "upper" private financial controls have major life insurance subsidiaries, such as Cathay Life Insurance, Fubon Life Insurance, Taishoubao (CITIC Gold Company), Xinshou, market expectations, processed in Zhongshou The rising star of the development of gold, the future may also have the potential to win the top five.
Gu Lixiong said there are some fundamental problems in the public stock market, it is not simply a consolidation problem, all countries have 100% state-owned banks with policy tasks, they also have existential value. He believes that if there is a need to strengthen competitiveness may be the direction the government can think about.

The first gold: large may not be good

Gu Lixiong said that the promotion of "civilian persons" by the financial management committee could be a stimulus for public stocks, and even if the private sector does not set up mergers and acquisitions, the stock market of public shares The rate is also getting lower and lower, which shows that the library has to think for itself and what kind of strategy is needed.
Given the heavy pressure of private financial control, Dong Ruibin, the chairman of the First Gold Group, stated at the shareholders' meeting that the first gold will not be bought back internally or externally within 3 to 5 years. He believes that " the great gold will not necessarily win ". It will be better, it is more important than big, and we must first look for it. If it is not able to achieve the comprehensive effect of the Jinkong group, what qualifications are there to negotiate?
Dong Ruibin believes that the first thing to do now is "how to make it work, not to go to others, of course, there is still a chance to buy, but it will not be our most important now. "

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