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The Gold Management Committee pushes the golden control "people and people", but according to the statistics of the Gold Management Committee, the second quarter of the second quarter of the gold control Only one Taiwan stock company has a public securities bank. Gu Lixiong, the chairman of the Financial Management Committee, said frankly: "Salary is one of the reasons!" The salary incentives of the private sector are stronger than the public shares.

According to Gold Management Association statistics, Gold control activities in the second half of this year include Guotai Gold, Fubon Gold, CITIC Gold, Taiwan Gold and Shin Kong Gold. It is worth noting that Zhaofeng Gold was still in fifth place in the first quarter of this year, but that it was replaced by Shin Kong Gold in the second quarter. Of the five best gold controls, only the gold reserves of Taiwan remained. The competitiveness of public stocks has declined sharply.

Gu Lixiong, the chairman of the Financial Management Committee, frankly said: "Salary is one of the reasons!" Private wages are not limited, which stimulates public stocks, while public shares have restrictions, especially All public shares held by the state, such as the monthly salary of the chairman of Taiwan Bank, can not exceed the Minister of Finance.

Gu Lixiong stressed that the public securities bank has the function of policy tasks: state-owned banks exist in all countries Under the premise of the necessity of existence, it is necessary to strengthen competitiveness, the government must think about that . In the case of financial mergers and acquisitions, "public peace" is not only a market mechanism, but also a policy and comprehensive effect. "Citizens" will also allow the public to have political associations. "People and people" are now promoted by the FSC Can stimulate the public securities bank, think about which strategy to adopt.

Another thing to note is that all five major financial audits have life insurance subsidiaries, Cathay Pacific has Cathay Life Insurance, Fubon Gold has Fubon Life Insurance, CITIC Gold has Taiwan Life Insurance and Taiwan Gold has Taiwan Life Insurance. Shin Kong Gold has Shin Kong Life and Zhaofeng Gold, which belongs to the top 5, has no life insurance subsidiaries, only Mega Insurance.

But for those medium-sized financial controllers, if they want to be included in the life insurance as a profitable motor, they have to think twice: if the bags are not deep enough, they can not buy a life insurance company. In the case of Yushan Jin, Huangshan, the general manager of Yushan Jin, said that M & A life insurance is a plan for the medium and long term for the future, which is the plan that will be available in the next two or three years. .

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