Red supply chain attacks 铠 胜 -KY hear news to a daily limit to create a new low price钜 亨 网 – Taiwan news

Metal enclosure factory Yu Sheng – KY (5264-TW) Influenced by the red supply chain in the supply chain of the Apple MacBook metal enclosure, market concerns can put the supply chain of Taiwan under pressure, plus a large loss of 1.42 billion yuan in the first half of the year (20) The daily share price was printed to a daily limit of 57.1 yuan, a historical low.

According to media reports, China's structural leader Long Ying Precision won the Apple MacBook metal case orders this year, becoming the first Chinese manufacturer to enter the Apple chassis supply chain, Apple's fifth chassis supplier, market sources pointed out that long In the initial stage of the profit the share of supply is not high and it is expected that this will not affect the success of the company (2474-TW) and Hongzhun (2354-TW), but the future target of Changying can focus on the huge shipment of iPhone orders. The supply chain of the plant brings pressure.

The legal entity is of the opinion that if Changying uses the red supply chain price purchasing strategy to obtain the Apple list, this will change the market share of Apple metal metal supplier, which will also affect the price of the Taiwan plant. pressure, including Yu Sheng-KY. Apple & # 39; s iPhone delivery chain, planned new iPhone shipments will be in the fourth quarter.

However, due to the relatively small initial order volume of Yusheng-KY, the cost of business construction also increased, while the large loss reached 1.42 billion yuan in the first half of the year. The market is conservative for the market outlook, leading to today's price not as good as Hongjun. The intraday trading volume was hit by the news and the price of the down-limit was 57.1 yuan, a record low price.

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