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Central News Finance / NOWnews

(Central News Agency reporter Liao Yiyang, Taipei, 17th) The government is aiming for a capacity of 5.5 GW offshore wind power plants by 2025. Insurance is an indispensable factor for the industry to cope with financing, but because of the high development risk the domestic industry has insufficient insurance coverage, with international reinsurance business cooperation, and hope to gradually understand the green energy business opportunities.

Xinan Tokyo Maritime Property Insurance and Tokyo Maritime Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. held a development project in the field of offshore wind energy for Asia specifically for analysis of the unique risks of offshore wind energy in Asia and share experiences with offshore wind energy development projects in the past. .

Lu Wenquan, deputy CEO of Xin & # 39; Tokyo Marine Property Insurance, admitted that it is difficult for domestic insurers to finance development projects for offshore wind energy based on the size of the Taiwanese market. This does not mean that they can not participate, but through cooperation with international reinsurance companies with international acceptance energy. Learn and grab business opportunities gradually.

Lu Wenquan explained that the development costs for offshore wind energy are high and the risks are high. When developers apply for financing from banks, insurance is a must. The bank credit for selecting and matching nuclear capacity is generally discussed. it is necessary to talk about insurance packages. The bank only allocates money after the policy has been issued.

Lu Wenquan said that Tokyo Maritime Fire Insurance is one of the few insurance companies in the world that can cover large-scale business such as offshore wind energy development. Xinan Tokyo Maritime also actively contacts relevant operators, but is mainly responsible for issuing insurance policies and then transferring to sea Tokyo. The Japanese fire insurance provides the international reinsurance plan and spreads the risk.

Tokyo Maritime Fire Insurance established the offshore wind force special group in 2013 and gradually began offshore wind energy insurance business in Japan, Europe and the United States The director of Shi Yanda's shipping department said in the briefing that the European case was mainly based is on situational analysis. Predict the situation to estimate the maximum amount of loss, but the unique natural disasters in Asia include earthquakes, typhoons and thunderstorms at sea. After tens of thousands of years of simulations have to be performed, the probability of damage caused by the major natural disasters is analyzed in a few years through the probability theory. Expertise as a background.

GCube, a sustainable energy insurance company that cooperates with Tokyo Maritime Fire Insurance, SeaRoc, a maritime project consultant, and the Japan Maritime Association, a general company, also share with more than 100 developers, manufacturers, banks and professional insurance brokers. Evaluate technology and experience and hope to help the Taiwanese industry manage offshore risk management knowledge and promote the development of the offshore wind power industry in Taiwan. (Editor: Yang Kaixiang) 1070917

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