The engine of China Airlines is coming back abnormally and the intention is to transfer flights to Japan for passengers Central News Agency NOWnews Today News

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(Central News Agency reporter Wang Shufen, Taipei, 1st) China Airlines said that this afternoon a flight from Haneda Airport at Haneda Airport in Japan due to abnormal engine parameters, strict consideration of Fei & # 39; an, return to overhaul, intends to still send a flight to Japanese passengers.

China Airlines pointed out that today at 2:30 pm Japanese time, Haneda to Songshan CI-221 flight, after the start due to abnormal engine parameters on the right, according to strict consideration of Fei "an, the captain in accordance with the standard procedures for operation inspection, decided to return to revision, and at local time It landed safely at 16:00.

China Airlines said the implementation of the CI-221 flight mission today is the A330 model, with 264 passengers on board, and plans to send another flight from Taiwan to Japan to carry passengers. (Editor: Zhang Wei) 1071001

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